Morning, sunshine


I tried. I really tried seeing the bad through all these years. Not that I did it on purpose, it’s just that this is what I was taught to do. You know what I’m talking about right? Because this is what you too were taught. It wasn’t such a difficult task, to be honest. “Here it is!” I pointed at another big red title in the newspaper that screamed: “CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT OFFICES!”. It was also very easy to see the bad in the behavior of people surrounding me, in the bad service I got from the telephone company, and also in the emerging Iranian nuclear bomb, the orthodox, the Arabs, the Jewish settlers and basically in everyone or everything that was external to me. And I didn’t even know why am I looking for it. It was just there. Easy job.

But one moment, probably between one angry thought and another, the sun brought my attention to the fact that it is shining.

“Hey man”, it said, “Your troubles are not my concern, or anyone else’s”.                                         “Oh yeah? So if you don’t care what my troubles are, why do you even take the time to say anything about it, huh?”                                                                                                                                         “You are disturbing me, please”                                                                                                                   “But you started talking to me!”

“I did it so that you shut up already! Or, to be more précise, I did it so you’d finally wake up from that long, very long sleepwalking of yours. Don’t you finally wanna know what’s REALLY happening around you? What reality really looks like, without your continuous jurisdiction over it? Don’t you think that it is time to see the objective, the pure, the stable truth that never changes?

“I do, it is time” I answered.

“Well, using your arrogant, “logical” way of thinking, I’d say that it is NOT logical that anything is bad. Just look around you. Your body is made out of BILLIONS of cells, each and every one of them has its own role and consciousness. Not even one of them is redundant. Together, they all form a machine that is so smart, that you can never, never fully understand it with your not so utilized brain, to say the least. You look around you and see animals, you give them names, and embarrassingly believe that you understand their nature. The light that is coming out of me, a HUGE fire ball hanging in the sky, hits earth, supplies heat that enables you, as well as plants, to live. This light enables those plants to create the oxygen that you breathe, that will later on become clouds, that will later become the water that you drink. And this is all very nice, but this amazing planet that you live in, is just one out of billions in your galaxy. It is one out of billions of galaxies in this universe, which is probably not even the only universe out there, as most of your physicians already believe. And in between all those stars and galaxies HUGE forces are acting, making this ENDLESS machine work in complete harmony. But then you come, you grain of sand, and start judging what’s right and wrong, good and bad, as if you are not a part of this holy universe, as if its rules don’t apply to you. As if you have the ability to understand things that are enormously bigger and smarter than you are”.

“So what are you saying?” I asked.

“I am saying that it is time to stop judging the universe. That as long as you believe that some things are bad, you will keep seeing those bad things throughout your life. The problem is not the “wrong” behavior of anyone around you, whether its not the Arabs, the orthodox, the government, the settlers nor the Iranian nuclear bomb. The only problem arises inside your head, which deems all those things as “good” or “bad”.

All you have to do is to lower your head and smile. No one ever signed a contract with you, saying that everything that you go through in your life will be pleasant. But no one besides you ever defined something that is not pleasant as “not good”. It’s you who came up with this twisted logic.


14 comments on “Morning, sunshine

  1. Rivka says:

    Ido it is amazing the way you write. Everything you metntion is so true ,I wish more people will be aware to see things the way you are, and the way you analize them. However this can be done only with full awaerness. To establish awaerness takes time, pople have to encounter during their journey of life many difficulties, to reach to the point ,to understand how they, and only they, are able to change the way they live their life, and to love themself first ,in order to be able to share love with others.
    People have to learn to love unconditional and to accept each other unconditional.
    To stop BALAMING others which is the easy way out when you fail or when you are angry it is always somebody else’s fault.
    or JUDGE – we are the judge of ourselves and others and we condemn them without mercy.
    very importan to make people aware.
    Good luck and continue to make a difference in this world for people. Rivka

    • Ido Lanuel says:


      Thank you very much for your kind reply.

      I do accept that establishing awarness takes time.
      I think that the time is now. This is what we have to do. This is our job now.

      Take Care.

  2. This is kind of funny in one sense, because as a child, I always thought the sun had two eyes and a mouth and could speak 🙂
    You talk of something hordes of us fail to pay attention to: problems and issues and challenges are the whole point of being alive, literally. It is these struggles that tinge your happiness a sunny lemony yellow 🙂
    Turns out happiness isn’t relative, it is absolute. I’m glad I stumbled into you!

  3. Ian Gardner says:

    Leave everything and everyone to their own thoughts* and actions and focus on gettings one’s own positive.
    * This is not a word I use any longer; I use “ments’ (for mental activity) instead.

  4. Perfect, reading this just pulled me out of a little emotinal rut. thankyou 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on All World Issues and commented:
    Amazing! just amazing. 🙂

  6. I like this to an extent. We give ourselves endless unnecessary pain by worrying about bad things, by judging them and trying, by our judgement, to somehow control them when they are really out of our hands.

    But I can’t accept that nothing is bad. A few people eat so much they make themselves sick, while others are hungry. I can’t accept that isn’t bad. People are murdered and raped. I can’t accept that isn’t bad. Some things are bad, and people do them.

    I accept my view may seem simplistic, but I prefer it. Granted it creates a dilemma: how to live in a world like this without it making me crazy. But I’ll live with that tension. Because if nothing is bad, nothing is good, either. Not even this blog. I don’t think that’s true.

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      Hi Heartlandroad,

      Thanks for this comment,
      I do believe that nothing is bad, neither good.
      It is all a matter of judgement, culture, subjective beliefes.

      Lots of suffering is gone when we stop judging reality as good or bad, but just learn to accept it as is.
      Lots of pure happiness is arising from inside, once the mind is more quiet about reality.


      • LyannV says:

        I agree, that quieting the mind is essential to discovering the happiness inside, and suffering arises when we become judgmental…about ourselves, our circumstances, the world around us, or others. And while many people find it difficult to believe, I do believe that nothing is either bad or good. Our subjective beliefs make things seem to be one or the other. Thank you for visiting my blogs! This post is worth a reblog, and I am grateful your ‘likes’ led me here to your blog! 🙂 Peace 🙂

      • Ido Lanuel says:

        10x Lyann,

        LOVE & PEACE 🙂

  7. LyannV says:

    Reblogged this on My Latter Half and commented:
    “Don’t you finally wanna know what’s REALLY happening around you? What reality really looks like, without your continuous jurisdiction over it? Don’t you think that it is time to see the objective, the pure, the stable truth that never changes?
    “I do, it is time” I answered”

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