The play


Let’s imagine that life is a play. And in that play there are 3 – the actor, the observer (crowd) and the act itself.

Out of these three, who are you?

I used to believe that I’m the actor. I used to hold a story of my own, about who am I and what I am doing here (a Jewish, an Israeli, a secular and so on…).

Later on I thought that maybe I’m actually the observer. Things are happening and I’m just watching them, knowing that my thoughts about myself are just the parts of a false self identity.

But lately, a strange feeling is starting to crawl inside me, one that says that I’m not even the observer, but the act itself, or the theater hall. Both the observer and the actor are contained inside its endless and quite space, doing just what they have to do in order to make the theater come to life.



5 comments on “The play

  1. foroneplease says:

    OMG, I have an article that’s similar to this one…well, kinda..the play and actor bits are similar 🙂

  2. You are, of course, finally correct — you are the theatre, you are the play. We all are. 😉

  3. Ian Gardner says:

    Here is another parallel extract from my book “The Milk Is White”, Ido:
    Shakespeare said, “The world is a stage…… ” and that is an apt analogy of the truth. If we take the stage as an illustration we can see an actor in the part of a character. The actor is not the character; behind the scenes he/she is a complete entity using acquired skills to take on the part of the character. Hence, if we are to advance more quickly along the path of enlightenment we would do well to always keep this fact uppermost in our minds, particularly during the approximate age of 9 years to 45 years when this fact is most under subjugation by the pressures of the life as they currently are.

  4. Abrielle Valencia says:

    Very well said! I enjoyed reading this!

  5. lovelabors says:

    That’s a beautiful metaphor, and realization! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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