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I’ve always had this dream, in which I’m sitting on a beautiful beach in paradise, just living my life there, doing what I love and have to do.

And I was just holding it there, in the back of my head, letting the dream rest, totally ignoring the background voices – the thoughts that appeared, the “right” and “wrong” of my surroundings.

One day, my heart started talking. It was a different language than my mind’s language. It was not a language made of words, it was a language made of chest vibrations, sounds and feelings. It is a language made of Universe’s dance. Β And no matter how big was the collision between my heart and my mind, it was so clear that one speaks truth and the other is just a great lier.

Two weeks ago I’ve opened my eyes on a white beach in Mauritius, now doing all I Love and Have to do here in the next few months.

Thank you heart, for leading me through each and every moment of my life.

Thank you great silence, for being eternily present.

Thank you, all that there is, for being.

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  1. I love this. Beautifully written, filled with heart energy and gratitude. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  2. your writing/thoughts make me feel good inside. thanks. also, i am happy you liked my post on love is…namaste!

  3. Bless that beautiful tender heart! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  4. boatacrosstheriver says:

    very beautiful!

  5. faithinourfamilies says:

    One day my heart started talking…… first it was very angry and full of hate. But Jesus held my hand until i came to terms with it. And now my heart is full of nothing but Him!

  6. Julianna says:

    You really are doing what you’ve set out to do…there is such a vibration of love and expansion in your posts…well done, and thank you. (And, congratulations!)

  7. Gina's Professions for PEACE says:

    How wonderful that the song in your heart brought you to your truth! Good for you! And I am sure the collision between your heart and mind was between your truth and your false-voice calling out untruths like ‘do not risk, it can’t be done’ and those kinds of negative things. Because as a ponderer I do respect the mind, only when it is our true voice, our true and clear thoughts. Indeed it is our mind that allows us to write out the truths from our heart into words in this wonderful world of blogging. Just wanted to add my little voice, I hope that’s alright, that I do not believe the entire mind is, as you said here, just a great lier. It is when it’s the lower mind trying to hold us back to be sure! But if we listen to our higher mind through the wisdom of the heart, we can achieve a great balance. Thank you for another wonderful and thought-provoking post.
    Love and Light, Gina

    • alienscout says:

      your post and this comment in particular brought to mind this rather beautiful section of kahlil gibran’s, the prophet: “Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgment wage war against your passion and your appetite…
      For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.”
      i concur that both head and heart play their part. that said, your words “And no matter how big was the collision between my heart and my mind, it was so clear that one speaks truth and the other is just a great lier…” are compelling in their honesty.

  8. John Liming says:

    At one with all that is, was or ever shall be through the endless cycling of all energies and emotions from the dawn til the dusk – – – always in the light because darkness is an illusion – – –
    Knowing one’s kinship with the wind, the waves and all living things is release and power and love is the cement that binds the soul to eternal verities; the driving force that keeps us secure even though our illusions of ourselves dissolve – – the essence of truth within perserveres and… we live!
    I love this blog and thanks for stopping by my own.
    I shall rest beside this crystal river of contemplation which you have provided here this secret place suspended between time and space.
    Thanks for making it possible.

  9. Is it our minds that lie, or other people’s thoughts/opinions/ways that are put in our minds that lie?

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      As I understand it,
      Other people’s thoughts exists only in our minds.
      Without our minds recognition of these thoughts, they have no existance.
      Once our mind believes those thoughts, it becomes his.
      Therefor, our minds are the liers.

      BUT, it is all just a game of words.

      Evetually, everything we believe in has to be a lie.
      Because it is all temporal, changable and subjective.


  10. Nlyce says:

    Hi! your post was very inspirational. I often have a hard time following my hearts true desires and often plague it with what my head things i need. But knowing that you were not afraid to take the risk makes me more at ease with taking the first steps to where my heart is trying to lead me : ).

  11. stephsgrn says:

    Wow, that post really spoke to me! I, too, have started to listen to my heart’s voice, and I think things will eventually be ok..

  12. sproutingsouls says:

    What a beautiful picture, but even more beautiful post. So happy for you to have followed your heart and are now fulfilling your destiny.

  13. That’s a lovely piece. I agree with you on this on πŸ™‚ a month in bliss πŸ™‚ enjoy.

  14. You’re hearts language sounds like it’s resonating Ohm….so beautiful.

  15. autumntomas says:

    This is where I am…I am following my heart and living my dream. Beautifully written!

  16. Annette says:

    “Thank you great silence, for being eternily present”……love this line. You’ve reminded me to be ever so grateful of my own great silences. Thanks for posting.

  17. janiese says:

    I love how you expresa your emotions. Your’re very clear and precise. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for following my post!

  18. This one good stuff. I’ll be dropping by often. Great work. Thanks for liking my post on love too.

  19. “One day, my heart started talking. It was a different language than my mind’s language. It was not a language made of words, it was a language made of chest vibrations, sounds and feelings. It is a language made of Universe’s dance. And no matter how big was the collision between my heart and my mind, it was so clear that one speaks truth and the other is just a great lier.”

    This post is beautiful, extremely beautiful. I can relate to it and how my heart and my mind always end speaking different things.

    You’re right though, one speaks the truth and the other is a liar. We all just need to figure out which one is which.

    Keep writing, love your posts!

  20. powerofslow says:

    Gorgeous sentiment!

  21. sukusin says:

    You are lucky if you can follow your heart ! Head is such a big dictator it don’t allow heart to do anything else than pumping blood to it.. hahahhhh

  22. Absolutely amazing – I am envious of your journey! Good for you for actually doing what many will always just hold as a dream…

  23. beautiful. do you ever breathe in through your heart chakra, and feel so much energy, you almost cry?! maybe it’s just me πŸ˜‰ love and light to you, yuri.

  24. oops, you’re not yuri πŸ˜‰ i ASSumed… whatever, i love your blog!

  25. drglenh says:

    Great thoughts – thanks so much for sharing — Glen

  26. 1812 says:

    Wow! You really did follow your heart, and to a place that is so beautiful! Congratulations!

    I’m sure there a great many people who can relate to deciding that the life they have always lived cannot be allowed to continue, for it will only continue to get in the way of fulfilling their true potential. Or at the very least, they have found that as the chorus from Tom Petty’s “Wake Up Time” goes:

    And it’s wake up time
    Time to open your eyes
    And rise and shine

    Thank you for liking my post, “Truvada, TechGirlz Entrepreneur Summer Camp And Music Monday With The Fratellis!”

  27. Thanks for liking my last poem.

    Being Aware is the ultimate spiritual experience. As long as the mind and the ego dictate what we can and can’t do, we’re not yet fully aware.

    I like your initiative. Let me know if I could help.

    The Soaring Eagle

  28. Wow, really love your writing and inspired by what you say. I try to follow my heart, and most of the time I am led that way – but quite often my mind gets in the way. Thank you for the refreshing boost.

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      The mind will keep getting in the way probably,
      But as long as you r aware that it is the mind and not the real you (the heart), your’e on the right track.

      10x 4 the comment,

  29. Hi Ido,
    Love your blog, great open heart space. This is such a magical time to walk upon Mother Earth as we connect more and more with who we really are. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog – Love is all around. My journey like yours has been one of the heart, my challenge to transmute past pain into joy.

    Bless you brother.Pauline


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  31. i can’t help but read again πŸ™‚

  32. Very nice! Makes me think!

  33. georgefebish says:

    Thanks for visiting my BLOG . Your BLOG and experience are very interesting. Keep up the good work.

  34. ninacollosi says:

    Beautifully written! This resonates with me as I too have been listening more to my heart. Sometimes its a faint whisper (or feeling) especially with all the self talk and learned beliefs we carry inside us.

  35. Reading a few of your posts, I can’t help but feel we are on parallel paths. I want to say yes! yes! yes! to everything you share!

  36. great post!
    ~god bless

  37. More body parts talking to you, that’s good. Just wait until your spleen has something to say. It has a language all it’s own. It’s awesome when we start to discover the totality of ourselves. Thanks for stopping by our site.

  38. Batya says:

    you seem pretty wise, so I’d like to ask you an opinion question. From the perspective of a schools staff to its students, what are some ways to help the students learn about happiness and fulfilment of dreams? thanks!

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      As I see it, our best teachers are ourselves.
      In order for one to learn about happiness and fulfulment, all that is needed is start looking inside.

      Teach the students to look inside and happiness will reveal itself for oneself.
      How to teach that?
      I would ask them questions that involves the word “feel” (or other similar ones).
      homework: “write a 300 word article about what makes you FEEL happy”,
      “write an article about what will make you FEEL self-fulfilled in your life”,
      “How does happiness feels like?” – (This is a very important one as I see it)

      The word feel is very powerful because it makes one look beyond his thoughts.

      I wish all teachers in the world will one day be like you. This is the most important thing you can teach a student. That is a promise for a better world.

      THANK YOU.

  39. Linnell says:

    Hi Ido! Thanks for stopping by What About This? and liking it. I can relate to your search for “more” from life, which, for me, means existing with “less.”
    My search for my “truth” has led me to live a more authentic and grateful life. I look forward to reading more about your journey!

  40. aimeerebecca says:

    Beautiful! That’s all I can say :’)

  41. Nader Nazemi says:

    Nice blog.
    I will be following this blog.
    My blog:
    Thank you πŸ™‚

  42. Really awesome blog! I loved it! I experienced s much positive energy building up in my heart when I read this. Excellent work! Keep it up!

  43. narasisn says:

    I love your writing style and it’s really refreshing to know and see that there are people out there who live out their dreams!

  44. jacquimba31 says:

    Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Beautiful post.

  45. Wow.. Very insperational. Love it! Keep it up!

  46. renjith says:

    You are right, the mind is a big liar. I recently started reading this book ‘Conversations with God’, and I can understand what you mean. I feel reassured. πŸ™‚

  47. thank you for this. Love it… you seem to have found the way to live your dreams.
    Thanks for connecting with my blog too, I shall be following yours

  48. deseanmagee says:

    I’ve never read anything so vivid and meaningful . Nice work

  49. fpdorchak says:

    At the risk of possibly repeating what might have already been said in the 85 prevous comments, Ido…nicely written, but in my most humble of opinions, I don’t believe in the “lies,” so much as perhaps…a misinterpretation–a CHANGE? You are…WHO and WHAT you are. You are the ENERGY of your being. Energy does not lie. It cannot. But it can change. We change as we journey through the seeming chronology of our lives. Energy never remains stagnant, is constantly transforming, moving, becoming. You became what you were because of your energy. That was no lie. Do not do a gross injustice nor disservice to your being. Do not maringalize who you are as well as who you WERE. Your energy was who and what you were at the time. You are no longer what you were. I wish more could be [more self aware] like yourself, but the changing of the masses begins with the individual.

    More power to you, Ido. :-]]]

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      10x for your comment.

      A funny thing is just happening, because I’m having trouble to find an answer for a few minutes now.
      That is because I both agree and disagree.

      I disagree because what happens to me nowdays is that a deeper understanding of myself is taking place. From that understanding’s point of view, everything that the mind says is a lie, because it is experiencing an illusionary world.
      But than from the other hand, ofcourse you are right. My mind saw things as right/wrong because that is just the way he saw things back than, and that’s all there is to it. It is perfectly fine and cannot be judged. It is also a part of the whole.

      So my conclusion is, that this whole conversation between me and myself, whether you are right or I’m rigt, is just the result of a dual mind, that still believes that only one can be right. That is ofcourse wrong – both of us are right πŸ™‚

      Thank you for pointing me to this deep conversation.


      • fpdorchak says:

        Ha–how can you “argue” with that? :-]

        We all learn what we need to learn and interpret our lives as we must. What only matters, really, is how YOU see things, because it’s YOUR life. How YOU see me, or another, and the energy that comes from myself or another. All our energy interacts, but we each have our own interpretations of that interaction, as we must and shall. Isn’t that cool? Thought provoking?

        Life maybe be “illusionary,” but that doesn’t (again, IMMHOs) make it dismissive, nor our interpretations of it “wrong.” It just is what it is and we need to learn how to deal with it, our actions and consequences within it. We’re here, in it, for a reason. Life is not IMMHO wasteful, whether or not we can “figure it all out.” We can say we all have “deeper” understandings of ourselves, but the crazy thing is, when you take away the modifiers, is that it’s still an “understanding.” It’s how YOU understand yourself AT THAT MOMENT. Is it better or worse, lesser or deeper? That…is for you to understand. ;-]

        Thank you for allowing this dialogue!


  50. Aian Ramos says:

    I hope one day, when my heart started talking, I can be as brave and free spirited as you are πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing this, pretty inspiring really πŸ™‚

  51. Mazigrace says:

    Your journey is amazing. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Your awareness has found your presence.

  52. artisalexchristopher says:

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    Great post! I too hope to follow my heart and my dreams, one day soon.

  53. catnipoflife says:

    Ido, thank you for visiting catnipoflife! I Tweeted this post and shared on fb. . .very well said!

  54. Iamrcc says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog in getting some pleasure from my Layers photo.

  55. nilanichella says:

    I love your blog, it’s inspiring and different, something that I have been searching for. Just know that I always think that people who are brave to follow their hearts and live their dream are the happiest people on earth.

  56. satori323 says:

    A wonderful expression of your heart, just beautiful!

  57. randomramsey says:

    Your writing is very beautiful. I loooved the way you put this. I shared it on twitter πŸ™‚
    Again, very beautiful and very peaceful.

  58. Great posts! Just trying to find the follow button on this thing.

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    Thank you for liking my blog ! and thank you for sharing yours with us.

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    Thank You for coming into my Blog and giving me joy.

  62. markalan says:

    You, my dear friend, have JUST described what happened to me only two months ago! Wow! If you love what you do, you’ll NEVER work a day in your life! Thanks for stopping by and “liking” one of my posts

  63. Wonderful that you have been able to go with your heart. Many of us are so busy with what we feel we need to do, that we never even consider an alternative. I will be following you to enjoy your journey.

  64. manfly says:

    Very wise words indeed from a wise soul…

  65. Nisha says:

    Call me hypersensitive but this is made me cry. This post is beauty personified. πŸ™‚

  66. motivatah says:

    I dream that same dream, except I am awake while dreaming. One day, I will live on an island also. The heart never lies.

  67. heartlighter says:

    Amazing! Another one who awoke their Heart! Thank you SO MUCH for that! And thank you for reading my blog! Much love β™₯

  68. Dear Ido,
    You write really beautifully!!! You have touched my soul, may God keep u happy always!!

  69. It is so great to find this post! I am going through the moment of listening to my heart screaming out loud that I should follow him but my mind and ego gets on his way. I hopefully will be writing a post like yours saying that I heard my heart and I am just at the right place! thanks for sharing it brought trust back into my life πŸ™‚

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      Once we know that our mind and ego controls us, we already listen to our heart. Not many people know what you already know. It is sooooo close.

      PEACE & LOVE

      • Ido, I feel you hit the nail right on the head, with your above post. “Once we know that are minds and are egos controls us,we already listen to our heart.” I agree that the shift is very close it appears that because of posts like yours we are at the edge of the abyss, ready to jump into a new world and reality of love, light and true peace. I feel the only thing that keeps us from jumping is the fear of the unknown. I thank you for your efforts in bring the Tonal of Consciousness to a new light. You are doing an amazing work, keep it up! We are almost there.

  70. Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing. πŸ™‚

  71. Loving your words, thank you. My heart opened and warmed, and worried melted away. The beach is where I feel most at home and long for my toes be there every day, but by trusting they will be soon, that is almost as good as being sat right there on the sand. Enjoy dipping your toes in the ocean.
    I also loved your journey because one of my favourite things to do is to realise how totally incredible life, the universe and our heart (and instincts) are. At the moment, I really notice if I am, sometimes not conciously, asking or longing for something, and I follow my heart, give myself what I need and hold trust in the whole process, whatever I am needing always shows up. It’s pretty amazing really!
    Enjoy the white sand and blue sea, and all of nature’s glory. You deserve it all. x

  72. @1jayking says:

    Great post! This is exactly what I have been thinking about for the last couple of months. Thanks for putting my feelings into words..

  73. this is brilliant.

  74. ZenieGirl says:

    I like this post. Full of emotions from the heart.:-)

  75. ZenieGirl says:

    I like this post. Full of emotions from the heart. πŸ™‚

  76. homebadger says:

    Thank you for your ‘like’! I think you have a wonderful way with words.

  77. Interesting comments evoked by your thoughtful words…inspiring to me as i try to find others who relate to the simple joys and comforts of an easy going life….

  78. […] saw the beautiful picture up above. And readΒ the story out here … (a nice one, by the way) … and several others out here … and started to feel […]

  79. Cher says:

    Love your inspiring and awakened gems! Thank you for following your calling. When the day comes that we all start following our calling we will truly be living in utopia. Namaste’.

  80. Nici Roberson says:

    What an awesome blog! Beautifully depicted &written

  81. JustWillinBmore says:

    Ido, you did the thing most of us; including myself lately; are scared to do. You followed you heart even when the mind didn’t agree or understand. Enjoy your journey.

  82. lifeyourwaycoaching says:

    Awesome Indo! You have truly connected with All That Is and you’re making the most of it! Enjoy this amazing life!

  83. M says:

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  84. This is very nice! Just love the awakening process… πŸ™‚

  85. Thank you for your thoughts from the heart. I hope you have a day filled with magic (and some new thing that you don’t understand).

  86. ramanan50 says:

    Very True.
    Life is a question of responding to heart and what is normally called as’ gut instinct’.
    By following this,one can really do what he wants to do and following Mind leads to dissatisfaction..
    heart knows the best.
    Thank you for a nice one.

  87. ladyeserena says:

    I think this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read…

  88. workhardplayhard1 says:

    awesome. truly amazing. ❀

  89. JulieKay says:

    I admire how you just made your dream come true! Hope I can learn form that!

  90. Refreshing and mind-cleansing thoughts. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  91. JanBeek says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your picture so I could find you!! I see I am a “Johnny Come Lately” here because more than 550 bloggers found and “liked” you before I did. Congratulations for the inspirational writing. You are obviously touching a lot of hearts. You touched mine! You followed your heart to a beautiful ocean setting – mine brought me to the Rockies along the Madison River. Grow where you’re planted, put down roots, and enjoy life while you reach out in love to those around you! (Hah! The world is all around you when you are a WordPress blogger!) God Bless You!!

  92. What a great post! inspiring, deep, beautiful… and full of joy. Thanks for sharing dear πŸ™‚

  93. Mazigrace says:

    Thank you for those words of wisdom from the heart. As Woody Allen says in Sleeper …. “The mind is a terrible thing ….” HAhhh! But the heart knows. And thanks for following me at My hope is that we can both inspire one another.

  94. irenejames says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the ‘like’ on my post, as it directed me to this page! what beautifully written words and lovely sentiment.

  95. niasunset says:

    I am a dreamer and I always follow my heart… I am like a flying kite but always there is a connection holding me to the earth, this real life… But who knows which one is real life… Life through my heart/the eyes of my heart or through my body and soul… Sorry for my langauge, this is my second one and sometimes I can’t express well enough myself. Thank you dear Idolanuel, I am so glad to meet you, and with your blog. Thank you also for visiting my blog. This weekend, it was amazing for me, we made (with my musician, son and nephew) improvisation music. And I tried to sing whatever comes from my heart and the lyrics that I sung, were so interesting, “Tee Tam” and “Cham(p) Tuu tee tuu”… I don’t know what they are and mean… just the moment these words dropped and we all sang it… But it was so beautiful moments that we all felt and lived. Like your amazing dream and written piece… Should be something like that. The power is our heart… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  96. kbooker says:

    I enjoyed your message regarding allowing your heart to lead you rather than your mind. Many people are unfulfilled because they allowed their mind to dictate their actions rather than their heart.

  97. coachmeghan says:

    Congratulations on following your heart! Not everyone is brave enough to take that plunge. I look forward to hearing about your journey πŸ™‚

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    For those that listened to my recent podcast episode “380 seconds of tranquil centering”, this post by Ido Lanuel reminds me of opening up in our heart space and making the heart choices in life.

  99. gregorykuhn says:

    Great post Ido! Did you know that the energy of our hearts can be read with an EKG machine from up to six feet away? (For comparison, our brain’s energy can only be read with an EKG machine from about three inches away!)

    And that energy co-mingles with anyone within range. We share each other’s energy on a subconscious level all the time.

    So you’re kind heart is felt by those around you. They “read” you, your energy, and your intentions in a completely real, literal, fashion!

    And, you know what? I could feel your heart energy through this post. Thank you.

    • akushika says:

      does this mean that we can feel each other’s energy? I feel this consciously with certain people, like my heart wills to leap out of my chest and to embrace anothers like a heartfelt handshake. I always wonder whether in that moment they feel it too… such a beautiful thing..

      • Ido Lanuel says:

        Yes, we definately feel each other’s energy.
        It is a subcounscious feeling for a while, and with time it become fully consciouss.

        LOVE πŸ™‚

  100. shabaletta2 says:

    Loved the post! So many people never follow their heart. Then they grow bitter and angry. Life is short. We must listen to our true self in order to achieve true happiness. I wish I had followed my heart 34 years ago.

  101. fighting01 says:

    Your life is the pursuit of my future.You’re so lucky!

  102. stephglaser says:

    Ido, you have so many positive messages here. Thank you for sharing them. Also, thank you so much for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the photo of my son with his Balinese buds!

  103. Jazzverse says:

    I love this beautiful post. Needed to read something like this today. Thank you for sharing.

  104. akushika says:

    Ido, thanks for liking Good Grief. It was a powerful moment to express.

    I also wanted to say thank you for sharing the journey you have undertaken from a death to a new life. I feel it. And its comforting to know that there is some peace and an embrace to go with the unravelling. I wonder how many people also experience this awakening, how many others meet it head on. I am working (working being the operative word) through it. It’s really not easy. For now it feels quite lonely. I am so grateful to have found some company and connection in this blogosphere. It’s inspiring. And to think that for some time I just kept my Kobofo posts to myself, a repository for my moments of analogy, not to be shared, just stored.

    Thank you again, a wonderful opening for us all to welcome a new stage,


    • Ido Lanuel says:

      Oh another one! that’s great πŸ™‚
      It does feel lonely sometime, this is prbably the most difficult thing about it..
      But hey, we feel lonely 2gether,
      PEACE and good luck in the journey πŸ™‚

      • chorality says:

        i can help you:
        We know that we can’t control if we are lonely or not.
        We don’t stop to feel lonely if we care for ourselves..
        If we coerce people to care for us, it doesn’t appease this deficit..

        So we can never know because can never control,
        if someday we won’t feel lonely anymore.
        So we can’t expect this to happen at anyday of our life.

        We have to deal with this possibility…
        & for feeling good even in this extreme case
        we have to lose all fear of being alone…

        We have to accept that we have no control about this,
        We have to lose all hope into this, let go from those thoughts!..

        If we lose this fear of being alone..
        ..we realize that this world may be lonely,
        because nobody seems to truely feel & understand & care for us..

        but then the next moment.. we see all those lonely people & know
        that this world is even more sad……. but now there is the little difference, we can at least care for them….

        if we don’t care for them… the world would even be more sad..
        So the only thing we can do is to be for them what we would like them to be dor us, adapted to their special situation.. care for them.. as we would like to feel care.. (the golden rule)
        As true as they are…feel… & think..

        Do you feel what this knowledge means?

        ask for me.. but just if your true self teels you to.

  105. mikerana says:

    Yes … give me starting point for writing fiction on imperialism of the new kind, financial …

  106. akushika says:

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  107. Thanks for having courage to be!!

  108. Ido, Thanks for stopping by our blog again. I see you were nominated for an award, Congratulations! Keep up the good works.Talk with you soon my friend. Get a job. Just kidding! Take care.

  109. Very interesting journey you are on, Ido. M’tzuyan. Thanks, too for checking out my blog.

  110. 4livinglife says:

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    I thought this was a very cool post, because it makes you think of whether or not you are following your heart. I don’t know if I am following my heart anymore. I think that I am just going where the wind takes me. My heart hasn’t spoken very much in this past month, it is just laying dormant in it’s guarded chamber. I did feel something recently, but I’m sure it’s not my heart. The only true thing I can say that my heart is set on is this police thing. I am set on that for sure. I am very scared that I would be good enough though. I have got to shake that feeling, because if you don’t think you are good enough, then who else will?

  111. chimutia says:

    Hi, thank u for stopping by. Great post, beautifully written.
    To listen what the heart has to say must be a difficult things to do, need a lot of courage to do that.
    For me, I’ve always wanted to ditch my life and travel the world, to see what the universe has to offer. But until now still haven’t got the courage to do that, too many consideration. 😦

  112. I love what I do, and would love to be on the beach every day to do Sunnystamping! Thank you for commenting on my last blog! I love this post!

  113. Must be nice to have the funds and the time to go do what you want . . .My heart crys to have any Love, and it does without. Lol

  114. Lovely post. I always do. Its good to remind each other of that every now and then πŸ™‚

  115. Always beautiful words to live by, Ido! Your posts make me relax and take a step back. Many thanks also for liking my “Big Sky at Lake Murray” post. Be well.

  116. …One day, my heart started talking. It was a different language than my mind’s language. It was not a language made of words, it was a language made of chest vibrations, sounds and feelings. It is a language made of Universe’s dance. And no matter how big was the collision between my heart and my mind, it was so clear that one speaks truth and the other is just a great lier…

    Hi Ido!,
    That, those words, those words…..those words…

    thanks for liking my post

  117. leamuse says:

    Exactly! I followed my dream to the south of France on The Mediterranean. Here I write, paint and explore France. What more could one want? πŸ™‚

  118. gilmarcil says:

    Thank you for this nice story, and for your visit to my blog!

  119. Michael T. says:

    I have always been bothered by the sound of my heart beating–it made me feel uncomfortable. This posts makes me realize what a beautiful sound it is–music to my ears. You are a very enlightening presence. Thank you!

  120. JWB says:

    What an excellent way to describe the language of the heart. Thank you for sharing.

  121. pozkarma says:

    Beautiful sentiments….

  122. Have been thinking about this post since I read it about 8 hrs ago….this is it Ido. The one that made the difference for me…this is the one….

  123. Reblogged this on Thoughts from Life… and commented:
    Amazing Words from one nice blog on WordPress

  124. illbethepen says:

    The title says it all…follow your heart…but i will follow also the adage follow ur heart but take ur mind with you! Great piece! Love it!

  125. Alisha Jemma says:

    I love this! Thank you x

  126. artzent says:

    This is a great blog and I thank you for your visit. It let me get to know you and follow your post. And your smile is adorable!

  127. A lot of people are looking for the buzz fix of happiness, but being at peace is much stronger than either of the two extremes of happiness or depression. So if you can master peace in all situations, your strength and mind are like a rock. Thank you for this nice reminder.

  128. mrmitch1 says:

    First, thanks a lot for liking my post on promises lost, I really enjoyed this piece, always necessary to realise the heart always leads to the most satisfying things in life.

  129. cazbag says:

    Nice! I’m doing pretty much the same thing. Drawing and painting loads to try and make a living out of it. I’m in Colombia today, Ecuador next week travelling down through SA, and then moving to Buenos Aires in January to make a proper go of living the dream – in one place. Being brave is amazing!

  130. Nancy Newren says:

    Beautiful! And I love the picture too!

  131. Mickie Mae says:

    Very poetic. I think that it’s not so much choosing your heart over your mind or vice versa, but creating an equal balance. Your heart is a dreamer, and your brain is more realistic. Once you have the knowledge of your brain, and the will of your heart, then you will have wisdom.

  132. This could be a meditation exercise! It’s a dream to make it a reality.You make life seem very simple.I wish you all the best of luck to go on purchasing them and have success in realizing them further!

  133. […] many people ask me after reading my about page or posts like Follow Your Heart – “how do you do that?”. Many people around me are very interested in how I […]

  134. Love that your heart started speaking. It’s wonderful when we listen like that – it’s an amazing feeling, something difficult to put into words, but once you’ve felt it (and listened to it) it’s difficult to ignore…beautiful post.

  135. I always try to “follow my heart” but it’s not always easy to just get up and do things when you have a family. I think when our children are older and settled I will follow my heart with my husband to a warmer climate. I know I can’t be in these cold temperatures anymore. So bad for my chronic pain (and crankiness!) Love your blog, will be back for sure.

  136. Suzanne says:

    I love this post. I had the same experience yesterday. I was sitting on a beach and realised I am now actually living the life I always dreamed of. It isn’t tropical but summer’s coming and anyway I don’t like the humidity of the tropics.

  137. leemajors says:

    Beautiful ! Thank you for finding me so I can find you :-)) Your blog site is an inspiration… worthy to be followed..

  138. immychua says:

    First, thx for liking my post! Listen and follow our heart is the best way of living…..we tend to listen and follow THE EGO! Thanks for this beautiful insight! Love it.

  139. MissMangue says:

    I just love the way you write about, life and what really make us happy. The last summer I had a dream. Travel to India but, my mind talk me I have to save more money , even I know I had enough for the trip and my expenses. Now i’ sitting in my bed , and I know it wast no about money. I was scared of the changes i have to made, and also left my comfortable zone. Next time i’ll listen to my heart ,because I know now is the way to my happiness and the right think.
    Thanks for your post and for sharing with me a piece of your heart.

  140. LoveMoneyAndHealth says:

    Reblogged this on Love, Money and Health and commented:
    It’s not the words in you head, it’s the feeling in your heart…

  141. canijustsaythis says:

    I am currently trying to listen to my heart…turning 40 opened my eyes to realize that my happiness and well being is important. I was told recently that I need to learn how to meditate, how fabulous that I found your blog! I love that your blog exposes our inner workings and gives inspiration and direction to move through and evolve.

  142. @somefactory says:

    Thank you for be Love
    Life is good
    Change is good
    All the best Ido

  143. Thanks for looking at my blog. Great post I love it. The heart is the seat of the soul! Have a look at my Heartwall page if you haven’t already. I have a heart feeling you’ll be interested.

  144. elleturner4 says:

    Very wise words. Thanks for visiting my blog and the like πŸ™‚

  145. I loved this piece, eloquently written. I am a water & beach lover and this brings out so many different emotions in me, as it has done to you. Thank you for sharing.

  146. PS: Thank you also for your visits of late and the likes – appreciated.

  147. what can I say that hasn’t been said….wow! beautifully written….who can defy the heart when it speaks…I’d like a season pass for front row seats please….to the universe dance concert on that white beautiful beach” of yours….that is…… if you don’t mind sharing? πŸ™‚
    Thnx for the like πŸ™‚ I think I’m going to enjoy liking you….tee-hee πŸ™‚
    Not to worry I’m all girl πŸ™‚

  148. Thank you heart, for leading me through each and every moment of my life.

  149. anspired says:

    Love your honest and wonderful words..We went on a glorious retreat at the start of this year, in a quiet spot just 2 hours out of Cape Town, a life changing time of self reflection and understanding. We, the people of this earth need to pursue more soul searching and honest living the way you are. Thank you for your words and wisdom.

  150. Thanks for all the likes Ido. I will be quoting you and sharing this post and your Blog link in our weekly Newsletter this Monday πŸ™‚

  151. denesewilliams7 says:

    I love your share about your heart. Living through your heart is a true blessing! Thank you for liking my blog article!

  152. […] many people ask me after reading myΒ aboutΒ page or posts likeΒ Follow Your Heart – β€œhow do you do that?”. Many people around me are very interested in how I manage to live a […]

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  154. erumaqua says:

    amazingly beautiful post… bravo!! had really made my heart dance while reading the line in which you found yourself on a white beach in Mauritius, now doing all that you Love … thanks for sharing….

  155. […] so let’s begin – most of you probably didn’t read my post Follow Your Heart as it is one of my earliest blog posts. Well just about a month ago a good friend of mine who is […]

  156. It’s kinda amazing waking up early in the morning and finding a “like” in my mailbox. This gave me the oppotunity to read your blog and I was happily surprised to make the acquaintance of a soul sharing my thoughts and feelings πŸ™‚

  157. […] so let’s begin – most of you probably didn’t read my post Follow Your Heart as it is one of my earliest blog posts. Well just about a month ago a good friend of mine who is […]

  158. lmkartsdesign says:

    I feel so much connection with your writing, I feel the same, and it is inspiring, thank you !

  159. lmkartsdesign says:

    Reblogged this on Ancient Secrets For Health and commented:
    Very nice article !

  160. b00kreader says:

    It is always a blessing to find yourself on the right path, happy travels.

  161. Chanele says:

    You are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing x

  162. Grndma Chris says:

    Again I want to thank you for “liking” my post, you really are a fantastic writer and I can only hope to be near your level some day. Keep up the good work.

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