Science of the stomach tension


Hey people,

I would like to raise a discussion about stomach aches or basically stomach tensions.

It’s this uncomfortable feeling that comes up our stomach when we are angry or insecure, or maybe when we know something isn’t right.

I used to have them since I was a little child, right after I had a fight with one of my friends or when my parents got mad at me.Β Later on, this kind of a feeling that lasted for two month was the reason I understood that I have to break up with my girlfriend, after almost 7 years together.

When I’m lucky enough to be alone for a long time, this feeling can tell me which book to choose at the bookstore or which way to choose when I’m getting to a road junction.Β It seems that this feeling is a kind of an inner keeper, trying to make sure that we will stay unharmed.

What are your experiences with this feeling?

Please share them.

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  1. Fear says:

    I’m a stomach tension,

  2. Korifaeus says:

    It’s called a ” gut” feeling. Many expressions/idioms about it. ” Listen to your “gut” – a ” a knot in the gut” – affection/desire = butterflies in the gut.
    Solar plexus, ; )

  3. kwdickinson says:

    All physical action starts at the core, the stomach, our ‘gut’. The tension is your sub-conscious mind, which knows some kind of action is needed, tensing, getting you ready for it, so when you realise it’s time to move your body is prepared.

    That’s how it seems to me, anyway. πŸ™‚

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      Now that’s what I call a great observation! πŸ™‚

      I love my sub-conscious mind, he is a good fellow.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.


    • I some times get negative feelings or moods. I then get buisy doing some useful job and soon I am back on track. Intuition is something else, in that case I always let my conscience be my guide.

  4. Shoshi Lanuel says:

    so true!

  5. 2me4art says:

    I had stomach problems my doctor could not name or solve, which I could tell displeased him. When no one took me at my word. I then developed neck pain. My father always said stress appears at the weakest part of our bodies. You’d think, if you knew me, it had moved on to my brain. – amy

  6. Julianna says:

    I have my clients do the Expansion/Contraction game – which is exactly what you’re talking about what you discovered as you got older: “Does this decision give me a sense of Expansion? Does it give me a sensation of Contraction?” – and there you go, Bob’s your uncle! Great conversation here!

  7. It’s actually your anterior cingulate cortex, known to neuroscientists as the ‘Oh s**t’ circuit firing. It is in the old part of the brain and acts as an early warning system causing the autonomic nervous system to make you sweat, feel uneasy etc.

  8. i’m thinking, for me anyway, that God uses His small voice to get my attention and if that doesn’t work, then He gives me the strange tummy feeling (from the oh s*** circuit )

  9. jahnosecret says:

    My personal experience is that it is a sign that something is wrong and a strong message to stand up for my rights. Echoing the posts above, when we don’t listen to the voice of God, a tension in the body manifests. Of course I don’t always listen but the “gut feeling” is never wrong!

  10. Hi, I agree with Jahnosecret too.
    Stomach is like an alarm and triggered when they sense danger is near and could harm our entire energy system (or entire being). Danger in here is in context of subjective danger including incompatible energies between us and others etc.
    Stomach tension can closely relate to intuition and fear too. So when they trigger the tension, it is wise to pay attention what are the message they try to tell you πŸ™‚

  11. I love that reply fron Citizenscientistuk. I’ve had that feeling off and on for years and it is always a warning that I need to listen to. Very interesting discussion here. Thank you πŸ™‚

  12. remalta says:

    I don’t even remember when it started, but whenever I feel I need to change something I get those awful stomachaches. When I’m not satisfied with my job or relationship or even when my friend cheated or his girlfriend and I felt bad about it. I also often vomit if I’m really nervous and my heart starts beating heavily and I can’t sleep. Earlier this year it got so bad I actually ended up in the hospital vomiting blood, so I decided it was time that I stopped putting up with this stupid guy I was going out and started therapy. I’ve taken a huge amount of exams and went to lots of different doctors, but there’s nothing physically wrong with my stomach or any other parts of my body, it’s all psychological. Therapy helps A LOT, plus getting involved in healthy relationships that really makes you happy!

  13. zooeyibz says:

    I recently learned that 95% of the body’s serotonin (the ‘happy’ neurotransmitter) is actually stored in your gut — so your feelings of well-being, or its opposite, literally come straight from your gut. I can tell when stressed or anxious (even if I am not consciously aware of it) because my stomach plays up. This is a good Scientific American article about the “brain” in our guts:

    • The enteric nervous system can actually function independently from that grey maze in your head (check out “The Second Brain” by Michael Gershon). I like to think that your gut may in fact be trying to tell you something, so it’s worth investing some time in really listening to what it has to say.

  14. ‘Stomach tension’ is a natural side effect of a biological response. When danger threatens or unpleasant decisions have to be made (sometimes the same thing), the adrenal glands release adrenalin – it is the ‘fight or flight’ response that animals have that gets them out of danger.
    When adrenalin pumps into the body, it shuts down the organs that are not involved in getting the body out of danger. One of those organs in the stomach. As no blood, or a reduced supply of blood is pumped out, the stomach can’t operate properly and sometimes there is pain.
    Afterwards, when the danger has passed, blood flow resumes, and you get those feelings ‘in the pit of your stomach’, the queasiness, tension, etc. If this adrenalin rush happens too often, as in ongoing conflict (emotional as well as physical) actual damage can result to the stomach.

  15. Gina's Professions for PEACE says:

    What an amazing post, and I have also enjoyed this comment stream. I like Julianna’s ‘game’ of thinking, Does this choice make me feel expansion or contraction? Personally I am challenged with stomach issues that I believe come as a reminder to return to my intuition. I am often too much ‘in my head’ thinking, pondering, and my stomach (gut-feeling) is my intuition calling to me to remember to still the thoughts and just BE just breathe, sit, calm, feel. Allow the messages in that do not come through the mind but rather come through our intuition. Thank you Ido! Gina

  16. weedimageoftheday says:

    Great information and sharing of symptoms. Now I know I am not alone, feeling the knot in my stomach when I am nervous or under pressure to perform. Thank you!

  17. Tina's Pharm says:

    Your gut really is your ‘second’ brain. When you are developing, you basically have two central nervous systems – one develops in your brain system, the other into your gut. That is why there are the same receptors in your gut (like serotonin) that are in your brain. I sometimes get a ‘bad’ feeling when I know something is not going to go the way I want it to. This came in handy as a kid, because I could tell I was going to get caught and shouldn’t do what I was about to do! Great post!

  18. I experienced this whenever i stepped up on stage for a singing performance…..and it will be normal when i step down…my silly stomach

  19. You know, when I was a kid, I would have gut feelings about things all the time, and I trusted them, but if my gut feeling clashed with my hyper-rational dad’s ideas about things, and I couldn’t find a thoroughly logical explanation for my gut feeling, it was always dismissed. So I learned not to value it. I thus spent ten years of my life making really terrible decisions based on “logic” before I came around again and realized that every good decision I’ve ever made originated in a “feeling” (usually one of discomfort, signaling a need for change). I’m now a huge proponent of listening to your intuitions, which often arrive, for me, as stomach discomfort, and I found it extremely refreshing to read both your post and the comment stream – especially the comments relating to how much of our brain/nervous system is actually located in the stomach! Scientific vindication! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the post!

  20. wolfkinswhitehound says:

    Definitely it’s the first area to become vulnerable to a need for change. But something I would also mention is if you get frequent sore throats, or throat pressure, it’s often an indication that you have something very important that you should disclose to someone but you are afraid of doing so.

  21. susansplace says:

    I know what you’re talking about. If I “go” with the feeling, instead of “freeze” , I can get it to ease up faster.

  22. Do you think you made the right choice? 7 years is a long time. As for the gut, something was bothering you, maybe she was distancing? Maybe you needed to get close again. Relationships take a lot of work.

  23. I highly recommend “Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind”, by Candace Pert, on this topic. Fascinating!

  24. Nice one but I don’t really know if my stomach ache are due to some tension or due to my infection. Recently I had a major abdomen surgery so i guess maybe that too was a reason behind it since long. :/

  25. Omg, Ido thank you SO much for ‘liking’ my blog so I can read yours’. I am SO grateful to be reading what you said now because I just went through it (still am) with someone, who I know is not good for me… even though I keep trying to rationalize that everything is ‘okay.’ It is clearly not, our stomach’s do not lie to us. I think it was very fitting when you aptly said, “when we know something isn’t right.” And indeed, I also had feelings of arousal, excitement… but more and stronger feelings of fear, anxiety and anger.

    Very telling! Thanks and glad we linked up. – Irene

  26. NaEun Park says:

    I get that feeling a lot when I’m nervous or stressed out. I used to not be able to eat until the feeling went away – which only does when I solve the problem or let it go. Recently, I had to break up with my boyfriend of 2 years because of that feeling – I can’t be happier.

  27. I love your words and meanings. I am a former U.S. Marine and am currently very much where you were before you launched forward…I look forward to learning from you. Thank you for visiting my blog so that I could find your.

    Semper Fidelis

  28. Ian Gardner says:

    From my book “The Milk Is White”:
    The Physiological Response To Thought.
    Our thoughts (thought) create responses, or reactions, in the body. In other words, the Thought Field creates changes in the Life Field, and these manifest in the body as psychosomatic conditions. These can be observed by us if we wish to do so.
    The statements “Sick with fear” and a feeling “in the pit of the stomach” are statements of fact relative to the emotion of fear – negative thought.
    The effect on the body of negative thought is damaging, particularly when it is prolonged.
    It is possible, however, to change negative thought to positive thought by choosing a positive option or affirming a positive thought and, when this is done, it will be found that the sensation in the body moves from the “stomach” to the “chest” and that this sensation is a pleasant, uplifting one. Such a sensation, or reaction, has a positive effect on the body.
    By observation of these physiological sensations and acting, through thought, to change them we can negate the psychosomatic disorders and mental patterns that are harmful to the body and ‘mind’. As stated on page 9 of the File “Self-observation leads to self-improvement” and, in the context of the above, this self-improvement refers to both self and body.
    “Quo Vadis?”

  29. I get stomach problems when I’m stressed, but I can’t use them to help do anything. I get all sorts of physical problems when I’m emotionally strung out – when I broke up with my last boyfriend, I had asthma, something I’ve NEVER had before.

  30. It is the inner compass that directs our actions. I call it the candle of the lord which searches our innerman.
    Ps; thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post.

  31. 95% of the neurotransmitter seratonin is produced in the gut according to current “scientific” thought, of which i always question. that being said, it’s likely we will respond to the unconscious firstly in the gut. perhaps secondly in our brain by way of thought…like “uh oh…” πŸ˜‰ X

  32. Ink Pastries says:

    I believe spiritual discomfort manifests as physical discomfort. You listened to your stomach and if you hadn’t, maybe it would have shouted at you in the form of cancer or a worse ailment. I believe we all have what I call “canary in a coal mine” discomforts which is our gut instinct – which we can get to much more quickly by meditating. I am so happy to see that another Soul has discovered themselves through meditation as you have. Whenever I feel tense, if I can calm down enough to breathe deeply and just SIT, I feel myself getting back into my Vortex where I am one with God, one with my Soul and I know, even if just step by step, where to go and what to do!

    • chiccreature says:

      I agree with you Ink Pastries, “Spiritual discomfort manifests as physical discomfort.” I have my share of “gut feelings”. Before, I felt like I was literally being strangled around my neck. It was very hard to swallow. I felt like I was choking. A couple of days later, I found out that the love of my life of 5 years was lying…
      Canary in a coal mine beautifully interprets my warning sign, I was no longer singing.
      Meditation cultivates awareness of Truth.


  33. Laura Elizabeth says:

    It’s great reading your blog and the comments here.

    I’ve recently been really hurt by someone that I know I need to let go of for my own well-being. It brought back a life-time of memories, that I’d buried, connected to this person; all the points where I should of stood up for myself, or done something to draw a line under this friendship much, much earlier; but instead kept making excuses for her.

    This week I’ve had the worst shooting pains in my stomach at random times and needed to sleep a lot – after reading this I’m wondering whether they are connected. Hopefully they’ll stop soon πŸ™‚

    In the meantime, I think I’ll keep browsing through your posts.

  34. I typically try to pay attention to those unconscious thoughts or feelings. Whether from the stomach or just thoughts that keep bringing themselves up to my attention. Sometimes it’s the thought that I should contact an teacher from a decade past and when I finally do I learn that other’s also contacted him about the same possible project (impeccable timing that I attribute to the Holy Spirit). Other times is that burdening feeling, maybe a stomach contraction for some, but just “heavy” feeling about knowing that in order for you to advance, something difficult and not desirable must be done. Like breaking up with an girlfriend in your case, and completing a break up with an ex-girlfriend for me (many years ago now).

  35. Allan Clow says:

    Reminds me of Blink! by Malcolm Gladwell,

    Great post! Excellent food for thought. I’ve since started paying more attention to my gut feelings. I think it’s also worth noting which thoughts immediately pop into your head when you have to make a decision of some sort. Recognizing which one is first, I’ve found, is a great roadmap.

    Safe journies πŸ™‚

  36. davidtenn says:

    Wow! So many feelings about this. I felt abandoned as a child although i was surrounded by people – not the right people though. The stomach cramps got so bad – being cries for attention that a succession of operations followed for many years – cries to be looked after and loved manifested physically. Now I am loved like at no other time in my life but when nervousness strikes back come the cramps. I feel for all who suffer in this way. I guesss the trick is to use it as the trigger, realising what it is and move on. Thanks for your beautiful Blog Ido and for dropping by I will follow you now. Love David

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      Hi David,
      10x for your kind reply.
      I think that you are totally right about the trick to overcome this. Just realising what it is, act and than move on.

      Cheers friend.

  37. sarahjaneprosetry says:

    Great post. There is so much more to our ailments than most realize. Our body speaks to us through aches, pains and disease. Louise L. Hay is someone to check out. Also a book called Blink, the science of intuition.

  38. drglenh says:

    Great stuff – thanks so much for sharing! — Glen

  39. pennycoho says:

    I had a mom who was “spiritual” and a dad who was “scientific” so I ended up in the middle. Not long ago I read a medical article where some researchers have discovered an interactive actual “link” between the stomach and the mind, so they propose that our thoughts can affect how the stomach behaves also the other way around. What I find interesting is that intuitively, many of us have been aware of this most of our lives. Nice article. Great words.

  40. when i’m about to do something with deadlines…:-) pressures…

  41. pithyfish says:

    I started having stomach problems after university, when I started work as a political reporter out in the “real world.” I was putting myself under so much unnecessary stress and pressure, eating terrible food, and drinking a lot. So, health wise, I knew my stomach aches were probably related to my lifestyle. But even after I ended this lifestyle, my stomach aches worsened. I began to feel anxiety about the aches, thinking maybe they were the dreaded “C” word (cancer). I saw a doctor, who assumed I had high blood pressure and put me on beta blockers. This only made things worse. What I didn’t know, until about a year and a half later, was that my stomach aches were connected to my anger. It was almost entirely emotional. My anger towards an ex who broke my heart, and towards my father, who unintentionally did the same. I have successfully used accupuncture and self healing therapies through yoga to strengthen my stomach. Kapala bhati breath has helped immensely!

  42. btg5885 says:

    Good post. I have the same stomach tensions. Seeing your post reminded me of the story about the great Boston Celtics star, Bill Russell, who has been voted the best team player in NBA history – his 11 championships would support that conclusion. Before every key game, Russell could be found throwing up in the locker room bathroom. His teammates knew if he was throwing up, they were going to win, because he was nervous beforehand. I like this story, as everyone gets nervous, so it should not be debilitating. Thanks for checking out my Blog.

  43. adeeyoyo says:

    I thought it was just me that felt those feelings!

  44. simply me says:

    the human psyche + make up is extremely complex. This is but one manifestation of that complexity.

  45. Corey says:

    When somthing’s wrong and I don’t know what, it usually manifests itself in my heart. It actually feels thick, or burdened. Any science on that?

  46. Sarah Elisabeth Jenkins says:

    The most recent time this happened to me was last night. I had just arrived in Seoul for the first time, and was eating authentic Korean food–another first. I was so anxious and disconcerted to be in a new place that I blamed the food for my stomach tension!

  47. brandongonzo says:

    There actually may be a legitimate medical cause for this feeling. People who regularly experience stress tend to have more stomach ulcers than the norm. Doctors have found that there is a direct link between stress levels and stomach acid. Basically, the more stress you deal with, the more stomach acid you will have, and that can surely cause stomach aches. I also have to imagine that some people are more sensitive and prone to it than others. Best of luck to you on that front, and thanks for the like.

  48. Lorijo Metz says:

    I’m not sure if this is the same thing, but when I get that whirly twirly feeling in my stomach, it usually has to do with impatience and I know I need to take a step back, take a breath and give myself time to make a decision. My daughter experiences stress in the form of stomach aches… but recently discovered she has a lot of allergies, stopped eating certain foods and a lot of the stomach aches cleared up!

  49. Raunak says:

    …I believe that the seat of immunity and well being lies in the stomach.A healthy stomach goes a long way in fighting infection..a lot of alternate healing techniques focus on this aspect of the body.

  50. Based on the synchronicity with the fact that I was discussing the subject only last week, I am compelled to reply and say this is a wonderful subject for contemplation by the enquiring mind.

    So here are some points on the subject that may generate some reflection;
    Thought – the persistent voice of fear, self identification, the distraction from the present.
    Intuition – the silent voice that communicates (talks) through feeling, provides guidance based on the experience of all senses, not distorted by the words of thought (usually referred to as reason), will never guide to the wrong action.

    There are many who use the term sub-conscious, which is a model created to allow the mind to avoid confronting our darkest thoughts. Most mind egos are living in conflict between their true thoughts on ethics / morals and that what their intuition is telling them. The constant fear of judgement both of oneself and from others is the fundamental base of the life of fear. As most recognize the feeling of anxiety (intuitions warning), the minds avoidance of accepting the fact “I do not know” (which generates thoughts of inadequacy, fear of ignorance, fear of judgement by others and an infinite numbers of other fears) compels the thoughts to point away from itself as the root cause – it is my guts fault!

    There is no separation of mind and body, there is only separation by scientific theories on how the human works. All feelings and thought are connected, when we “feel” good within our body, our thoughts are “happy”. Interesting how our thoughts take the credit for these feelings, but blames the body when we feel bad!

    I would love to hear from anyone who has truly listened to their intuitive voice (“gut feeling”) and not only recognized the perfect guidance it provides, but also those who have acted (or do act) unquestioningly upon it. As you detail in you “About”, the most important actions you took towards awakening do not seem to have been guided by thought. Intuition – it always is right!

    The realization that we are not our thoughts provides a release from a life of fear and a level of peace beyond the capacity of thought.

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      “The realization that we are not our thoughts provides a release from a life of fear and a level of peace beyond the capacity of thought.” – That all that there is to it. This is where the search ends.

      • rachel bar says:

        Yes, we are not our thoughts, BUT, our thoughts are part of us, and we cannot deny that they reside within us. Each part of us is valuable.

        Interesting blog and interesting journey, Ido.

        It would be valuable to note that stomach anxiety in only one manifestation of body/mind connection. Many people experience anxiety by going through vertigo, migraines, and bad back. Not to mention the most common of all: Panic and anxiety attacks.

  51. jackcurtis says:

    Professors speak of psychosomatic effects, the mind interacting with the body. I suspect it’s more a battle between the emotions and the mind, advertised in the gut. We can rationalize feelings and superficially ignore them (or pretend to ourselves that they aren’t there) but the feelings refuse to depart; they just move to the gut and sit there like a hunk of lead. We can’t fool the gut!
    So whenever I receive a gut-signal, I try to identify the true cause: whatever emotions are behind the signal. The emotions don’t go away, but it helps rational thinking, which needs any help it can get at times like those…

    Of course, often I prefer to try to fool myself…

  52. just *k says:

    love the post, but i might love the comment thread more! what a great conversation you sparked. i am currently trying very very hard to keep the ‘rational’ voices from drowning out the messages from my gut… your post is a reminder that it’s worth making the effort.
    i think it’s no accident you dropped by themiddlenotesofk and gave me a ‘like’. thanks so much for that… and this post!

  53. I can tell when a close relative has a burst of emotion. It used to be painful emotion but now I can have happiness vibes as well. It runs in the family as my mother said she had labour pains the night my youngest child was born. Interesting what was said about being judged. Maybe it’s the reason I’m still trying to finish writing a book on my subject. Mind-body alliance can come through holistic exercise.

  54. Longshot says:

    I have never had a stomach ache because of insecurity. Pure stress and things I eat trigger my pain. I think the doctor who delivered me slammed my head into the floor because it has been one stressful ride thus far. People associate “Blues Music” with an always sadness. Some are but for me they are my peace. Relaxing, seductive and a release.

    There is a song called “Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues”. Maybe that’s my problem, I’m not wild enough. Just a bit crazy. And crazy women do get the Blues….. lol

  55. webandnet says:

    My thoughts. All of the body’s tissues store memory (even simplest organisms store tissue memory). Stomach’s vagus (sp?) nerve is particularly strong.

    The memory may be right or wrong. The key is to tone up the tissue, so that it acts as a signal rather than an overwhelming action. Toning up stomach involves posture (continuous) and several eating habits.

  56. joyceahood says:

    Wow, a whole club of people who listen to the stomach’s “brain” as I have learned to do. Not a simple thing though is it? Sometimes it takes a whole day or more to get the information to bubble up to the conscious level.

  57. I totally understand this. My only problem occurs when my head creates imaginary siltuations and my body can’t differentiate between them and reality. The poor stomach flex can get overworked at those times ;(

  58. Thanks for liking my post Accessing the Core- sounds like we are both investigating the belly! namaste!

  59. canonalan says:

    HI Ido,

    Thanks for your kind words about my blog.

    I am wondering if your stomach feelings are God speaking to you. Yesterday morning I suddenly thought it must be about this time of year that Sue’s husband died. I sent her an email message on Wednesday:it was the very day six years ago. Was this God prompting me? It far from being the first time that this sort of thing has happened to me.



  60. mrpmartin says:

    Thanks for the like on my post!
    Stomach tension happens to me every single day. I always feel like it’s my body trying to tell me something. Sometimes I listen sometimes I don’t. I’m starting to learn though, that it is almost always right and I should start listening to it more and more.
    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Thanks for the inspired writing πŸ™‚

  61. Awesome post, Ido! One of the biggest problems we have is resolving the conflict that arises between our intellect & emotions. The stomach flex can get caught in a tangle of emotions — triggered by real or imagined events. If I have anxiety in my solar plexus, it helps so much to visualize the anxiety as an energy, then consciously release it. Sometimes you gotta sit with a bit; meditate on the release. That usually clears up the intuitive aspect so the higher wisdom doesn’t have to funnel through a cloud of emotion. πŸ™‚

  62. Ron says:

    I’m just a guy with a poetic reply…

    At times I feel some tension,
    My stomach says, “Hey, pay attention.”
    Something isn’t right,
    Get ready for flight,
    That’s when I feel real apprehension.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  63. My oh my – there is quite a line-up to respond on any of your blog entries! That’s awesome that so many people are participating in your discussions! I am happy to have become acquainted with your blog and self-awareness series! I’m excited to dig deeper into your 2baware website!

  64. Brook says:

    this “gut feeling” is like the body’s “warning system” from what I’ve read. I have an Anxiety Disorder, which worsened after years of stress-filled events (which continue!) This fearful feeling is nearly constant in my stomach now. (the feeling itself is *very unpleasant*…it’s like loss of trust in everyone, thus fear). However, this scared feeling gets better at night, when I can settle down by myself with a good book or TV story. That’s all for now:)

  65. Thanks to all that wrote replies. This is indeed a fascinating topic. Like so many others, I have experienced stomach nervous tension, “gut feelings/intuition” and young children who are distressed complaining of tummy pain. All the physiological explanations make sense, but don’t always solve the problem. It is great that we have this “inner alarm”. It vindicates my believe in going with your gut feelings. Love the blog, btw…

  66. my “gut” is never wrong. i didn’t always listen, but it’s never been wrong. i am having a harder time listening to it when it’s leading me, but it speaks very loud when it’s warning me of something. i’m hoping more meditation and yoga will aid with that. i will say, that after this 14 day fruit and vegetable cleanse i did, i think that intuition is growing MUCH stronger…

  67. jmd5717 says:

    I apologized if this has been posted already in the comment section, but I once pondered this same very idea. This is the short version of my findings. The conclusion that came to me at the time, is that the feeling in your stomach is actually the soul stirring your body and mind into some kind of action. Its one of the ways the soul communicates with your body and mind, it can be rather effective, but some times misunderstood in my opinion. When you meet some one (romantically speaking), you ever notice that some times you get “butterflies” in your stomach and other times you don’t? To me that is your soul going, “hey stupid, pay attention to this one!”

    I am enjoying the post on your page and look forward to reading more!

  68. j3ssi33ss3x says:

    If you really think about it, those feelings in your stomach might actually coming from the heart vortex (chakra) and it could be that you have been trained by outer sources, benign or malevolent to push them into your belly. If you tried meditation or some sort of relaxation technique and redirect the feelings to arise and remain in the heart, you would feel a calm in those moments of “butterflies” in your belly. I just heard someone express this on a podcast two days ago and it made sense to me. Maybe it can help you or others who get the “gut” instincts rather than maneuvering out of the hearts’ great source of positivity and love. I like your blog and am looking forward to reading more.

  69. notquiteenlightened says:

    I recall Gurdjieff referred to the three “foods”- ordinary food, air and impressions. Just as one might eat raw chicken and get food poisoning, so might one take in unfavorable substances in the air (pre-conscious smells, pheromones, bodily emissions) and become spiritually sick. There needn’t necessarily be fear involved (i.e. I imagine you weren’t afraid of your girlfriend), but too much or too little of certain trace element can have a profound effect. This is essentially what people above are saying about diet and stomach problems, but on a more chemically refined level. Gurdjieff’s idea seems more applicable to the stomach problems based around your ex-girlfriend. Anyway, just throwing another spice into the soup…

    And thanks for liking my new blog Ido πŸ™‚

  70. farzan87 says:

    Definitely, you are right.

  71. backtothegroove says:

    Anxiety. I get those stomach aches when I am anxious about something.

  72. I have had that feeling since I was a child too… a lot of it for me was anxiousness, but we get anxious for a reason. I think that feeling is our bodies response to something it doesn’t like. Our next job it to pray and meditate and figure out the source of that feeling. Once I find the problem, get honest with myself and face the problem head on it usually goes away. Until then the feeling only grows!!!

  73. The Readist says:

    I totally get this. Sometimes it gets so intense I feel like I might get sick. I have no clue what causes it, but I’ve learned to pay attention to it!

  74. This feeling has protected me from harm for many years.

  75. Love the post, I write about feeling things “in my stomach” all the time in my blog. I used to think I was alone in this, now I know better. I feel right decisions, wrong decisions and “gut” reactions that I truly listen to. When I get anxious I do feel it first in my stomach sometimes. Ultimately, it’s the inside voice, the heart that speaks to follow your own truth. The stomach definitely helps!! I like your blog. Thank you.

  76. chopnchat says:

    “Inner keeper.” I love that. Perfection of description!

  77. Simply amazing, Ido. When I first looked at the photo (and I do like it), I thought your post might be about the little girl. Then, I kept reading…. and reading… and reading some more… Please, all, I don’t mean to sound contrite, but I have nothing to add other than “ditto”. Well, said, everyone! (I also sincerely appreciate that you likedmy post “Great Point, Nantucket”.)

  78. […] heinous act. The blog re following your guy instinct if anyone feels so interested is found at: Filed under Community, Culture, Current affairs, Life matters, society | Leave a […]

  79. Josephine T says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s so true.. I get the same tension too when I know something bad is going to happen in the subconscious mind, or during periods when I am anxious over something.

    BTW, thank you for the “like”!

  80. All I know is that when I’m leaving for work in the morning, leaving behind my family, I am sick in the stomach. I have had that “sick” feeling for as long as I remember. Maybe there is something I can do about after all. Thanks for the post, and to all those comments.

  81. Mapassion5 says:

    Thank you for posting this. always good to learn something new. I have never had stomach tension and the only time I feel stomach something is when I eat something that my system does not tolerate.

    • Ido Lanuel says:


      How does your stomach feels when your angry? Check it out next time and see if it feels stressed.. πŸ™‚

      • After reading your article I felt like I was home. I was born anxious, I’m convinced that the fact that I was 6 weeks premature and was in a heated crib (without my mother) started that. I was an anxious child, asking my nurturing dad the same questions every night. I lived with being anxious until I was in my late forties. Even though I take a medicine for anxiety, I still feel anxious at times, esp. about health and medical issues but not the same way I had been feeling. Thank you for writing this, I’ve always felt stress and intuition in my stomach first. It has always helped me to have a “gut feeling.” Thanks so much.

      • Ido Lanuel says:

        We all feel it sometimes I guess,
        I’m glad you got over it though, that’s great.

        Thank u 4 taking the time to comment, peace πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for commenting but I am NOT over it. Unfortunately, I just better know how to deal with it but I don’t think it’s something that will ever go away!!

  82. shelovesher says:

    I usually feel it during a change in emotions with my partner or when something that is upsetting is about to happen. Kind of like a sixth sense preparing me. Sometimes I don’t like knowing things before they happen, it’s kinda sad because it usually isn’t good.

  83. I call this affectionately my “spider sense”. Throughout history women have been the most adept at listening to this small voice inside, but it is refreshing in this time of searching and enlightenment to see that more men are seeing the value and listening to their “little voice” as well.

  84. Follow your heart, listen to your stomach– sounds like excellent advice to me! Wishing you well on your journey. : )

  85. boozilla says:

    Thanks so much! for your visit and like on my blog, which means I found you, too. What a great blog! It really IS helpful to know that others make those leaps of faith and live through them. I am called Professor Stomach in some circles because somehow I see a lot of people with pain there! and it really is about listening, and being willing. Your body is your friend- we are just so conditioned not to listen. We should, though- because that brilliant receptor is also part of how we are able to connect to each other. Aside from the blogosphere, of course. Thanks again!

  86. Definitely can relate to this. even more, as when two days after I broke up with my first bf (ages ago) I was in hospital with a stomach ulcer. Pretty serious condition for someone who barely had any stomach problems…eventually my doctor couldn’t think of a different explanation than stress.
    Nowadays I’m on the edge of being deported from a country where I have been living for nearly 8 years and I have the same annoying pain all the time…breathing exercises help, and keeping yourself busy…

  87. hinanainani says:

    I do feel something similar. Whenever is something wrong around me, with me, or going to happen. I have this stomach ache which is like a inner helper or reminder.

  88. Reverend Mother says:

    Many years ago, I had that fluttery gut feeling and thought I was “in love” with the guy around whom the feelings were associated, so we moved in together, got pregnant and got married (in that order). Turns out he didn’t want to get married, or be a dad, and he was absolutely horrible. Long story short: we divorced, he got custody of our three children, and spent the next 20 years alienating my children from me – the result of which is that all three have psychological problems. If only I would have recognized that the gut aches were not love, but my higher intuition trying to warn me AWAY from the situation, instead of INTO it, I would have been so much better off!
    I was recently listening to a podcast (I forget who it was) who was talking about refining that gut feeling and that it was actually being taught to the military so that they could know how to make the right split-second decisions in combat situations. I believe he mentioned that it was being taught to the IDF as well – maybe you could confirm this? The idea is to focus on the feeling in your solar plexus, while thinking of a decision. “Should I do _______?” If the gut tightens then your body is telling you to NOT do it. If it relaxes, then that is the right decision to make. Fascinating stuff! Thanks for sharing your article! Blessings!

  89. kalbe says:

    I can appreciate your post. I have this feeling often and have to pay close attention to discern whether it is a true sign and indicator of something or just a habitual reaction. Either way, it is definitely worthy of our attention. I’m really enjoying getting familiar with your story and your blog – Kristen

  90. Generally a bad thing for me. It comes with sweaty palms and thumping heart and means something is going to happen which I am afraid of, and nothing – no amount of persuasion that there’s no need to fear, no amount of relaxation techniques, will take it away. It will only go when the thing I fear is over. It can start months in advance. It’s awful.

    And when I say things I fear, I don’t mean crocodiles. I mean stuff like phoning people or any kind of appointment. It doesn’t even have to be the dentist.

    • Jodi Lea says:

      I really relate to your comment, heartlandroad! Especially about how it starts “in advance”. Even things I really want to do (like visiting my daughter that lives a 3-hour drive away), are nearly ruined by the anxiety I have about driving out of town. I get the “sick” stomach if I think I am going to have to face the unknown. I too will get it when faced with appointments and phoning people/businesses I don’t know. Maybe Ido will be able to help zero in on our fears! Good luck πŸ˜‰

      Ido- Thank you for the “like”. I’m going to follow your blog and try to learn something!

  91. Gracie says:

    What a wonderful post and an awesome discussion. I experience this from time to time, but have yet to learn to listen to it, as in most cases I simply ignore, and 80% of the time, it turns out to be “disastrous” for me.

  92. My son battles anxiety and the anxiety certainly rules his tummy aches…we are learning some techniques to help him cope and overcome this…he is 9 and one technique uses imagery, which we find takes him into a calm place to boot out the jitters :o) Great blog you have! I am excited to come back, and thanks so much for visiting family overhaul; our adventure is just beginning!

  93. My mother gave me good advice,’ if in doubt, don’t.’ If I get a ‘gut’ reaction that makes me doubt the wisdom of an action, I give the whole thing more thought. I concur with your idea of listening to your stomach.

  94. The guts are the body’s second largest brain. Many, many nerve endings. I (me, not my bird who hosts the blog! :)) suffer the same thing and for me, it relates to stress or in the extreme case, depression. I have been dealing with it all my life.

  95. says:

    Gut feeling. People used to scoff when we said, “I know it in my heart.” Well guess what, now we have discovered neural transmitters in the heart, not just in the brain. Hmmmm, maybe there was something to that after all. I believe with all my heart that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that there is so much more to discover about why we do what we do. In the meantime, if we fill our minds with what is beneficial and do the right thing by our family, friends and community; our gut feeling is going to be something we can rely on. On the flip side, if we are filing our minds with things that are detrimental to ourselves as well as others, and we only do selfish things; our gut feelings are going to follow and help us continue down this path of self destruction. Feed your gut with that which is beneficial and that God given gut feeling will be a great help to you.

  96. Reblogged this on anglicanboyrichard and commented:
    AMAZING to find this just after someone upset me enough to give me a stomach pain…I am glad I am not alone!!! I am also realizing I should not give ths person/persons the power to give me such pains in the first place. If at age (almost) 57 you do not feel I am qualified to choose my own religion, then with all due respect to HELL with you. Especially since that is where you think I am going by doing so. Now relax I do not mean it literally…but I do mean let it go if you wish to remain in any contact with me. I actually changed my personal email, AFTER blocking this person, and he used a mutual friend to contact me anyway. All it did was cause tension between me and this other friend. It is NOT okay with me to use a friend that way. Do not try it again. Anyone. Friends or family. I am all done being nice about this. Thanks.

  97. I think it’s the Holy Spirit.

  98. Cris says:

    I drive all night and it’s a constant state of “stomach” tension, being on the constant lookout for deer to come crashing into my car (probably ten times this car; more with other cars). The tension never really goes away. The same is true for tension in the headβ€”a constant dull headache, not painful, but aggravating, which results, no doubt, in more stomach tension. Other situations in my life add to the mix. Have tried yoga, chi gong, tai chi, EFT, The Healing Code, and many other modalities, but the lack of attention span (ADD) and focus have kept me from obtaining the results I desire.

  99. Love it! I wrote a paper in grad school called The Stomach Ache about my lifelong tummy woes. Got an A so no ache there!

  100. nurulthecook says:

    My stomach or gut feeling has got me where I am today. It has NEVER been wrong although I have many a times done the opposite out of anger or protest or “I’ll prove you wrong yet….!” With me it’s a combination of my total being not just my stomach – it can be a sign in any form. Main thing is that I notice. And boy have I noticed. It’s like the heavens sing in harmony when I need to get the message. The messenger can be anyone or anything (animals, people, TV, radio-although animals, children and drunks make the best messengers I’ve found-they are in a state of ‘no-mind’ The message sender….hahaha…. is something else. I’ve found it always goes back to the same source:-)

  101. Jennie G. says:

    IΒ΄ll have them when IΒ΄m anxiuos, stress, and the worse ones becomes from anger or disappointment, actually a bunch of bad or sad feelings hahaha, I’m working on that Β΄cause I thinks iΒ΄ts silly, but I rather an implosion than an explosion with now I know is no good for me.
    oh! and some headeches to.

  102. I had a bit of tummy tension and tickles dealing with your typical garden variety abusive psychotic ex-husband throughout my pregnancy. I only wish I felt the tension sooner, enabling me to ignore the situation altogether… LOL!

  103. Justine says:

    I have nominated you for the β€œOne Lovely Blog Award’. Congratulations! I nominated you because your blog is SPECIAL for me, with the contents you bring out, and the particular style of your presentation, with depth and insights! Here is the link:

  104. Pam Rasch says:

    It is interesting to me that the third chakra in the solar plexus is referred to as the “I do” chakra and is the one that seems to get clogged up with the ‘I do” or “I need to do” or “I should have done” type of life questions. Thanks for sharing!

  105. karmatales says:

    So I am still going to write about this in my blog but since you’ve already hit on it a little I can tell a little story. (I’m not sure if someone already said this, and if so…oops, I didn’t read Every comment =]) I have been spending quite a bit of time with my grandparents who are Jewish and still speak a little yiddish (mostly to curse and call me pretty). Well, what I hear the most is “ah Gutten yu” meaning something along the lines of “oh my God”. Gutten here translating to God… My response to this was “that VERY interesting!” Already knowing the correlation between the neurons in the gut and brain and of course the saying “gut feeling”; my brain had a lot of fun connecting the dots. I presume, from what I have read so far, your brain (rather, soul/self) will too!

    I look forward to following your thoughts! You seem to have a very common outlook in this life. =]

    Santih, Hannah

  106. lucybythesea says:

    HIya, thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I think you are very lucky to be so aware of what your body is telling you. I have learnt to listen to my body the hard way, through long years of illness. I think if I had been taught to listen to my body and feelings (and act on them) when I was a child, I may not have ever got sick! Its that important.
    Cool blog, keep going!

  107. lmkartsdesign says:

    Since I left my abusive mother, my pain was gone…

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