The Duck#1


This is the first post out of 4 which will explain how does the human mind works (and yours included :-)).

It all began just a few days ago, as I was walking around my neighberhood, when suddenly I heard a call: “Hey you, do you know how to get to the beach?”, as I turned around, I saw this guy ——> “Sure man, Just take the left turn and you’ll hit the main road, and as you arrive there, you can basically take which direction you want”, “10x dude”. Just a few seconds later, I suddenly realized how strange  this situation was, so I turned back and ran after him.                   “Hey” I said, “I have never seen a talking duck!”                              “A TALKING DUK?!” he replied with astonishment, “Here?? where?” “You are!” I said.                                                                                                                               “Me? No I’m not!”                                                                                                                                 “No? Well you look like a duck and walk like one..”                                                                                 “And still,” He replied “I’m nothing but dots and numbers”

“Oh, mmm… right. But your dots are ordered as if you are a duck!”                                                     “No they are not. They are randomly distributed”                                                                                     “No they’re not!” I have suddenly found myself shouting, “The dots are ordered as if you are a duck, and the numbers prove that! If I will draw a line between every 2 consecutive numbers, you will become a duck!”     “But who asked you to draw a line between every 2 consecutive numbers?”, “hmm, I’m just saying that..”, “Don’t just say. No one asked you to draw that line. That line exists inside your mind, that’s it. It does not exists in reality. Your eyes doesn’t see it. There are countless ways to draw the lines, and therefore there are countless of shapes that u can draw between these dots, so why do you choose to see a duck?”, “Truth is.. I don’t know”, “Because that’s what you’ve been taught to see. You were taught that only 1 straight line goes between every 2 dots. But here is the inevidable truth: A countless number of lines passes between every 2 dots, and not a single one of these lines is straight. There are no straight lines in nature. Just put a mouse in one corner of a room and put some cheese in the opposite corner, and let it go get it. Repeat this little experiment 1000 times. The mouse will never choose the same path and will never walk in a straight line. A straight line is nothing but a belief. Look, by connecting just some of my dots a bit differently, I could easily become a chicken. Now, instead of being just dots and numbers, I become dots, numbers, the color red and some lines. Your mind automatically completes all the other lines,and colors and gives this new shape a name. It all happens inside your head, but it is not a part of reality.

“Thing is” He than continued, “That our mind is used 2c the world that way. It sees lines, and always the same ones, where there are nothing but some dots. And these lines create a limiting perception of the world.. We will discuss that next time. In the meanwhile, in order to prove my point, I’m going to challenge you with a nice little riddle. Think about it for a few minutes and leave it if you don’t succeed. The solution will be found in the next part of this post.


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164 comments on “The Duck#1

  1. You just
    Made connect the dots way too deep

  2. Hello Idolneul,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking it. Please read through my other posts too.

  3. Delft says:

    Nice one.
    Isn’t there a theorem that you can continue a number sequence any way you please, and find a justification for it? But once we know the “answer”, it just seems so “right” that we can’t take any others seriously…
    Reality is bunk!

  4. RAMU DAS says:

    Well, I think this is the answer to your riddle: 421123

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      It is not 🙂
      I mean you probably found a logic that proves that, which makes your answer correct, but that is not the logic I got.

      How did you get to it?


      • RAMU DAS says:

        Ah! I see.

        Well, here is how I got it:
        the first number is 1
        then comes 11
        and then 21, which means 1+1=2 and following the pattern in which the numbers were arranged, I brought down the 1 from the first line.

        Then I as per your pattern the numbers are ‘1211’, then comes 3112, now I calculated the numbers ‘1211’ this way: 2+1=3 and reversed the other numbers i.e. 112

        After that, as per the arrangement of the numbers i.e. 132112, then, I concluded that it is 1+3=4 and reversed the numbers 32112, that’s how I got 421123.

    • desicontrarian says:

      I tried horizontal logic and did not get the pattern. Then I started reading them vertically. I got 112131, 11213, 112, 121, 1, 2.
      and so added the last line 411321 to match the pattern.

  5. Kris Kennedy says:

    Very cool post. When I read about the dots, and what you see, I was thinking just yesterday, about a student and his teacher and the teacher asked what the student saw (a bird flying in the sky), and the student said a bird, and the teacher said, don’t overlook seeing the sky…really appreciate your writings.

  6. Marisa Becker, Writing Coach says:

    So in short, if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, your mind is just playing tricks on you. 😉
    I love how you discussed this mind-bending idea through dialogue. It’s a very effective method that reminds me of stories in the Bible and other religious texts that use dialogue to teach a lesson.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and Liking my post about Sci-Fi inspirations! I do hope you will come back again soon.

    Take care.

  7. That was way to deep for first thing on Tuesday morning. Thank you for waking up my brain 🙂

  8. Mr.B says:

    Nice post, your riddle reminds me of Fibonacci’s sequence, will your next post be about how the brain likes patterns?

  9. MindMindful says:

    This ‘being programmed to connect-the-dots’ in a particular way is a great way to look at our mental habits. I’ve always had trouble seeing the constellations in the sky — because i cannot accept the “programming”??

  10. Linda Vernon says:

    I’m horrible at math so I’m not even going venture a guess. I wanted to stop over and take a peek at your blog, and I like it, it’s different and fresh. 😀

  11. David says:

    Absolutely awesome post! Much of my research at university is focused on creativity, and I love the inner processes that make the mind creative. The “connect the dots” metaphor is perfect for life: no solution is ever the “best” or “final” solution; there are a million different ways you can innovate on the same thing. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

  12. hubertbieluczyk says:

    Hello! This is a fascinating post! I have always been interested in how mind works. I have researched many issues such as Lucid dreaming (particularly proud of that article :)). Do you reckon it would be a good idea to blog more about these things? (im kinda new to blogging)

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      I think that the best thing is blog on whatever you are passionate about.
      The results are always great. Your heart and creativity will open up, which will bring lots of satisfaction into your life.

      LOVE 🙂

  13. janoel17 says:

    Haha! Wow! You really had me thinking. Awesome connect-the-dots piece..I love it. I’m waiting for the #2. Haha.

    I had my answer, I think it’s 411213 or if not, it’s 411321. 🙂

  14. The same principle of the lines would also apply to the dots and the voice! There is no “right” or “wrong” answer only a challenge to thought to construct what does not exist.

  15. Reblogged this on The Ultimate I and commented:
    A wonderful challenge to the questioning mind to enquire into the existence of “reality”!

  16. desicontrarian says:

    Awesome, and I am yet to read your answer!

  17. I wonder what your thoughts on how the autism mind works..I’ve never seen the freaking duck…my mom thought it’s bc my attention span is in the miliseconds..I think it’s bc I never understood why I HAD to draw the freaking lines consecutively….if the object was to learn your #’s I already knew them so why continue down a path that I already traveled….so I would make my own pictures…….turns out I’m asperger’ children with autism have a very hard time at these type of puzzles (eventhough in 2nd grade my son is on a 5th grade level in math) simply bc he doesn’t understand why it has to be a duck

    I loved these 2 posts………Definitely following your blog! Thanks man! as well for liking mine…but im always interested in perception……..Perception is just a box inside our head 😉

    I have many the fact that I kNOW sock gnomes exist..if those dang underwear gnomes exist their cousins the sock gnomes do as well!

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      I truly don’t know anything about how the autism mind works. I do know that they are extremly special beings, and are a great gift to our world.
      I also think that autism is also misinterpreted by society (Is there such a word, misinterpreted??) as something that should be avoided.

      There is some mistake in your blogs address as you wrote it, so for all you readers of this discussion, this is the right URL and it is a damn good one:


      • hahaha doesn’t surprise me that I messed it up…my ADD constantly keeps my brain vacant! lol

        Well, thanks so much for the blog mention…

        but I shared your duck post and my friend who’s a 80 year old mathematician loved it…we can’t wait for your next blog to come out

    • cathmae says:

      This autism mom LOVED your comment! My son’s mind is precious to me.

  18. […] brings me to a link on Ido Lanuel’s fascinating blog on our minds. Often we don’t have to wait too long to connect the dots – […]

  19. dianabletter says:

    Hi Ido, I wrote about connecting the dots on my blog post. It’s a fine line between staying in denial (being unable to connect the dots) and assumptions (assuming we know the picture before we really connect the dots). Here’s the link:
    I linked back to your blog. Thanks for the inspiring words!
    Diana Bletter

    • Ido Lanuel says:

      Diana that is a great honor for me, thank you sooo much 🙂

      I never thought about it that way. I love this point of view so much, as it really brings the words to life (I mean to real life :-))

      Thank you and have a great week.

  20. cathmae says:

    A great post that generated a great dialogue. And… thanks for visiting my blog and liking my posts!

  21. 311322
    Each sequence after the first describes the previous sequence.

    one 1 aka 11 which is written in the next line as 1 1
    two 1’s aka 2 1
    now because there are two different digits they are described as one 2 and one 1, 1 2 1 1


    aka three 1’s and one 2

    one 3 two 1’s and one 2

    the answer
    Descriptions are thus:

    A) Look at the left most unmarked digit, count the unmarked occurrences of this digit in the sequence.
    B) Mark all occurrences of this digit
    C) Write down the occurrences of digit then the digit it self.
    D) Are any unmarked digits to the right of the current digit?
    Yes:Move to the next unmarked digit right and repeat from A)

    311322 continuing on I get….

    Of course other logical sequences could have produced this pattern, but this is one that works for this example.

  22. If you have gotten really excited about this number sequence, you might find that if you follow it another 8+ steps you will see it begin to repeat 2 different (but similar) number sequences.

    At least it did for me.

    Let me know if i made a mistake.

  23. I’ve never been analytical as far as numbers are concerned, so my mind just kind of did a brain freeze, and glazed over the riddle part. My mind just didn’t want to expend the energy…(-:

    I very much enjoyed the connect the dots theory though. I didn’t mind expending energy thinking about that one. Look forward to more.

  24. I think it does continue forever in this alternating pattern. If I got serious about it, I could write a program to construct the sequence and see what it produced. But as soon as the sequence reaches the number 23322114 it’s going to start a repeating pair of numbers. It’s interesting that a sequence that seems to have limitless potential can collapse into a stable oscillation.

    I hadn’t read duck #2 when i answered the puzzle, but i think from memory a similar puzzle might have been in a programming text book i read a fragment of many years ago.

  25. jefferyrn says:

    Reblogged this on Life Beyond the Casinos and commented:
    This blogger came to my site and enlightened me!

  26. Stephanie says:

    Nice Ido! I’m looking forward to reading more of your articles. =)

  27. plasticpatrick says:

    The answer is 42 or Elvis… or whatever you want it to be if you’re meant to follow the logic of the post. Reminds me of The Cat in the Hat totally zany – like the Cat in the Hat’s inventory system.

  28. I got 99 per cent in music theory exams at school, and was always bottom of the class in maths.. so my mind is a blank when confronted with your puzzle – just like it’s always a blank when asked what is the sound of one hand clapping. On the other hand, I Can answer the fellow commenter who was querying the sock gnomes- I believe they are sock gremlins. My hasuband believes I have a one legged lover

  29. interesting read and a very interesting theory!

  30. priyology says:

    This is definitely food for thought!

    Thank you for visiting my blog – I hope to see you there again soon!

  31. Rose Char says:

    “A straight line is nothing but a belief.”
    I like this line! Permission to use it, please! :p

  32. Dear Ido,
    Yoy write beautifully!!!

  33. Jes2G says:

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my page. I like your dots. Kinda reminds me of those pictures that are of two things and some people see only one while others can see both.

  34. amoonfull says:

    Wonderful! I remember when my niece was 2 and she had a little sowing connect the holes game. she would get it “right” for the most part, but every now and then she’d be inclined to insert the string through a hole that was on the other side of the patter. I remember “correcting” her about it… Man was (I) WRONG! lol
    thanks for sharing this.

  35. Kristy says:

    This is a great explanation! I used to use something similar to explain our consensual belief systems that shape part of the realities we create, you can put 7 dots on a page and some will draw the same image and others will likely connect the dots in different patterns, we all have differences and yet our consensual reality is based on those that get the same image which is based on the same laws/understandings/beliefs they were taught… in taking the lines away, or how one would draw it that way (ie question) then one can begin to see the infinite way the dots can be connected. And perhaps the truth in why to dots are not always connected linearly 😉

  36. random8042 says:

    The next number is simply what you see.
    So starting with a 1, you have one 1.
    So you write 11.
    Then you have two ones, so you 21
    Then one two and one one.
    Then 11,12, and 21
    then 3 1s, 2 2s, and 1 1.
    So it’s 13,11,22,21
    Then 1113213211
    And so on.

  37. hgsurvivor says:

    It is interesting how the mind works. Interesting post!

  38. Hi Ido…
    I might add that the parochial schools – and much of society as a whole – TEACH children that the lines should be straight – and to not think outside the box, as it were. Fascinating site you have. Quite unique…I just joined 🙂
    Warm Regards, Thomas

  39. geminifive says:

    As we mature in life, we are given beliefs and perceptions that things are supposed to be a certain way. Some of these perceptions trap our imagination, making us think that there are no alternatives in solving certain situations. Your post makes people realize that there may be better ways to get around problems. It was a nice way to present the idea.

  40. BroadBlogs says:

    Ok. I’m starting to get that “it’s all about disbelieving your thoughts” thing.

  41. smallhandwriting says:

    Huh. In all of my life I would never have thought to question the design of connect-the-dots. I remember my mother telling me just how important it was to follow the order of the dots and how, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able see the image. Who knew that there was more than one picture to create?

  42. jademwong says:

    I will never see a connect-the-dots picture the same way again…thanks for this post, very interesting to read!
    Thank you also for liking a post on my blog, I really appreciate it. Have a great day!!

  43. This is very interesting

  44. pixilated2 says:

    I have been working on this for an hour and you are right. Once you see the answer it does make perfect sense! I wasn’t even in the running. Although I did notice a pattern in the first two columns:
    1 place a one after it to get 11
    11 add to get 2 take the resulting two and place a one after it. In sequence they are
    21 reverse get 12
    12 add to get 3 and place a 1 after it
    31 reverse to get 13
    13 add to get 4 and now this resulting 4 blew my theory because
    41 does not fit into your sequence and besides which I couldn’t justify the rest of the number’s digits. (are you following my bad logic?)

    But hey, it was fun trying, and thank you for visiting me today!
    ~ Lynda

  45. sallybroadhurst says:


  46. jerrontables says:

    The initial duck accusation is hilarious. Hey, pretty interesting. Staying tuned.

  47. Hi, I love this, although, did you really tell this random stranger he looked like a duck! I know what you mean about being conditioned to see particular things so much so we sometimes overlook others truths and realities. I guess truth is there are many different truths and realities. Take religion for example. I look forward to reading more. I’m glad you enjoyed my post for new book Mr Wrong- Chapter 2-Start With You. Please stay posted for more posts (couldn’t help the pun.) I’d live to get a male perspective. 🙂

  48. Firestarter says:

    I really didn’t see that coming. I second Jademwong – i’ll never see dot pics the simple way I once did. That is so neat. Its all very cultural dependent as well, I suppose – and what we see is based on our schema. Brilliant.

  49. perfectlight says:

    your talking duck reminds me of a song by c.w.stoneking – talkin’ lion blues 🙂
    to me there’s only one question: “why are the dots there?” and by asking that one will have at least to options:
    a. people that think that the dots are there to be connected
    b. people that think that the dots are there just because they are there and nothing else

  50. yomicfit says:

    Congratulations! You have been nominated for a blog award! Visit for more info!

  51. idansigo says:

    We must kill the duck!

  52. yabette says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking it! Working in realms of breaking down “conditioned” thoughts, I am glad you appreciated it. Obviously, I like the thoughts evoked in this blog as well. Cheers!

  53. It’s so true. It’s like when you’re proofreading and there’s a little pronoun or something missing, but your brain fills it in when you read through it because it expects it to be there. Very well said.

  54. Liz says:

    liking your thoughts:-) Pretty cool–all you’ve done and been through. Kudos for you for not following a prescribed path. Thanks for stopping by foodforfun’s rock star food post. Cheers to you!

  55. thank you for liking my blog. It has allowed me to become aware of yours. I will continue to read your blog

  56. Love this! On to the next post, because now you’ve peaked my curiosity. 😉

  57. Thank you for liking my blog. Your’s is very interesting! Theories of how the human mind works has always intrigued me; I will be sure to read your blogs!

  58. You certainly got me involved with the intriguing start to this piece. The man who became the duck on the say to the beach. I just had to read more . . .good stuff Mr Lanuel

  59. manonlesko says:

    Thanks for liking my blog. I love this post. Kind of reminded me of the blue and red pill dialogue in the Matrix 😀

  60. rusty says:

    Loving this! In my country, the education system is about Maths, Sciences and Languages. And people are conditioned from young to excel in those subjects in order to have a good career ahead of them.

    I wouldn’t go as far to say those subjects are any less important than others but as you put it, there are many other dots out there. There isn’t a need to connect the same dots for everyone. 🙂

  61. troublemaker85 says:

    Thank you very much for visiting my site ^^
    Also, I had a hard time trying to access your blog and no regret 😀 It is really awesome and your posts are really meaningful ❤ I love this very much.

  62. Rajiv M says:

    Thanks for visiting Gulzar Manzil, and made me aware of your blog 🙂 your posts are very nice

  63. Lugar and Company says:

    …And let me guess, you always loved to color outside the lines in elementary school? Keep up the creativity!

  64. Argus says:

    Here in New Zealand the nice sporting people shoot ducks …

    … and your puzzle drove me quackers~!

  65. Tomekha says:

    Really interesting thoughts here and the connect the dots … will never see them the same way again!

  66. ly says:

    Love this explanation!

  67. sedrate says:

    It may be true that nothing follows a straight line in nature (I haven’t verified with peer reviewed math journals) but some things do make sine waves. Snakes in the desert sand make perfect sine waves for example. Or cosine if you want to look at it differently.

  68. Sunny says:

    Hi 🙂 Thankyou for visiting my blog. In your ‘About’/Bio I get this : “relaxed shoulders” and ” smile ” Excellant ! be happy and I wish you all the best ! I now follow you here, and also on my Twitter. 🙂

  69. […] Photo Credit: Be Aware […]

  70. blackwatertown says:

    Okay – this is interesting.

  71. Thanks for sharing yourself with me and teaching me how to share myself with other. So many people have shown me this door before. It is just a matter of walking through the door. (My odd way of saying Thank you for visiting my blog)

  72. Dagny says:

    This was beautiful. I’m glad you dropped by on my post prompting me to land here. Following your blog… more power to you pen.

  73. Is it 411312? For all I know it could be a duck, chicken, or a violin! I’m going to follow this blog, just from reading this one post 🙂

  74. Excellent post! I think we are creators of our own reality and we see it as such. The obvious becomes vicious if we follow certain patterns foreign to our mind. What you believe is your own truth without a shadow of doubt and so this raddled puzzle becomes even more interesting when you slow down time and take it into the quantum. there is where we will see that the creative process has infinite outcome and infinite possibilities!
    Thank you Ido!

  75. Pierre-Loup says:

    But isn’t it exactly what makes us humans compared to animals? OF course it is our belief. Of course we humans have expressed the idea that between 2 points, one and only only one line goes through (all lines are straight, by our human definition). And of course our brains see a duck because it is logical: we see dots, we see numbers, and our brain is automatically put everything in order. However, I see your point: your message is to look at things differently, with our own eyes and sensibility. Not take everything for granted. Look outside of the box. I totally get it.

  76. cosmeticsfordummies says:

    Loved this! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking it 🙂

  77. You might enjoy this story – I was at a local day-long meditation retreat deciding where to sit & chose the right side of the room so I could look out the window. After sitting, I learned we were facing out which meant I got to face the wall! After laughing at myself, I noticed the paneling and, wondering why I found it ugly and the outside pretty, realized that there are no straight lines in nature (as there was in the paneling). Took a bit longer than this, but I came to realize why geometry is sacred. It’s the a priori thought that creates our world. We live in lines when none truly exist. I like your story about it. It’s a difficult thing to explain unless you have that type of experience.

  78. sharanpaul1 says:

    Math of any kind is way over my head! I gave this to my genius grandson, who figured out his answer and is still trying to explain it to me!

  79. I nominated your blog for the very inspiring blogger award. Go to this post on my blog for more info. 🙂

  80. mytiturk says:

    Thank you for your great blog. I have nominated you for a Reader Appreciation Award. I hope you don’t mind. To accept the award, there are five steps you must follow. The link to my post in which you were nominated is:
    It outlines the steps.

  81. Mayank says:

    Thanks for liking my first ever post. I am feeling so good after reading your blog. All your posts are good and eye-opening. I always believed in my thoughts that yes I can do it. But now I have started disbelieving my thoughts, but still feel that yes I can do it and there are different routes to do it. It may not be a straight line but connecting different dots in a different way. Can I reblog your post?

  82. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are in the midst of a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  83. deadmousediaries says:

    I am wondering now why you have been brought into my life at this point in time. There are no coincidences.

  84. jackcurtis says:

    If it’s a math-based progression, 4. If it’s something else, damfino. Either way, fun. And sort of ontological…

  85. drybredquips says:

    Thanks for liking “Ding-Dong.” Happy holidays!

  86. drybredquips says:

    Thanks for liking “Ding-Dong.” Happy holidays

  87. Andinho. says:

    Well, dear Bloger, first and foremost it was very nice to find out that you’re a violinist; cuz I’m a violinist as well. So… I read this post and it was very interesting, but do you believe that I am afraid to listen to my heart? Most of time I try to listen to my thoughts. I am really confused, when people says listen to your heart, I remember listen to your love, listen to your deepest feelings… that’s what I am afraid of. But thanks you very much your posts, they’ve helped me a lot.

  88. It is really nice effort and wonderful question is that listenig to heart every time will lead us to right decision every time ????

  89. RDoug says:

    Skipping right over the comments, I arrived at:


  90. This is a wonderful idea. Sounds like something I’m going to try. (btw, thanks for the like)

  91. whoops. I meant to comment on intuitive writing. Don’t know how that happened. lol…sorry.

  92. briankaam says:

    Hi there! I love our blog, and I am SO happy that you didn’t shut it down! I have always found the phrase “listen to your heart” to be completely and utterly useless because I never understood what it meant, and that was one of only a few things that pushed me away from Disney. As I have gotten older, especially these past couple of years, I have learned how to listen. Thank you for sharing with everyone how to, simply, listen to one’s heart. Also, thank you for visiting my blog as well. It has been a complete blessing to have crossed paths with you. 🙂

  93. aapatawaran says:

    How liberating to be made to realize again and again that our world is only as big or as small as we think — that we are in control of our thoughts and therefore in control of our world! And this is only my first step into your thoughts! Bravo! Can’t wait to read Duck 2, Duck 2, and more.

    Thank you also for liking some of my posts at Looking forward to a great deal of exchange with you.

  94. rachiequinn says:

    This is wonderful. So helpful.

  95. cardiffsuperheroes says:

    Thanks! Really interesting. Don’t kow if I’d have time to write down all the thoughts though- I’d probably have too many thoughts about tasks I should be doing for it to be that creative! Good ideas though, definitely need to try this 🙂

  96. wavensongz says:

    Thanks for dropping by and liking my Christmas blog. The kitty on this blog has it MADE, that’s all I have to say, Loved this blog. 🙂

  97. Paul J. Stam says:

    Overcoming barriers is a good post for the beginning of the year. If we don’t have any on 1/1 we will probably have one before 1/31.
    Incidentally, so glad you liked A New Year’s Maid on Paper Mud and Me. – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  98. […] Let’s say for a moment that ducks are part of reality, as we know it. (for a reality check, read blogger Ido Lanuel: […]

  99. da parson says:

    Ducks are now much clearer – I think 🙂

  100. Interesting post – thanks too for visiting my blog.

  101. Julianna says:

    Big smile on my face that I stumbled upon your blog and then found this wonderful story. Thanks for sharing your Light!

  102. I knew putting my brain on automatic pilot was a mistake. Of course, when I switch to manual, it still does dumb things! : P

  103. Extremely thought provoking. Possibly too much to read on a Friday night after a long day at work and school but nonetheless quite interesting. I’ll have to reflect on this when I’m not half asleep. Thanks for the brain teaser.

  104. I’m so glad that you posted this, and that I read it tonight.
    I never thought about the ‘there are no straight lines’ .. that’s just what we perceive.
    I will come back and read more later 🙂

  105. freddiejay says:

    Stop talking to ducks!! Lol love the post!

  106. This would have been a no-brainer for my Dad, but I’m a certified math-phobe. Intriguing post nevertheless.

  107. Cool post! Looking forward to the others.

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