There is a war in my area now, and this is what I think about it.


May all beings be released from suffering.
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76 comments on “There is a war in my area now, and this is what I think about it.

  1. kafkassister says:

    My prayers, hopes and beliefs are with you! Please take care. If even one person involved in this war is inspired by your post, you have done something very special!

  2. Very powerful ‘story’, thanks for sharing it and my thoughts and prayers are with you and all those who are at risk from this conflict…may you and all beings be well, peaceful and free.

  3. I am deeply sorry that the war has found you by telling the stories that separate us and create enmity that generates suffering for all humankind. Take care of yourself, please.

  4. Healthy A-Z says:

    You have expressed this well. I pray it will be heard and understood. Sending much love your way…

  5. Karen Graham says:

    As you hav so rightly pointed out, it is our destiny as humans, to repeat the foiilbles and stories we have been told by out parents. Sometimes, it is these stories that get us killed or maimed for rver.

    I pray that in my lifetime, and I don’t have too many years left, but I do indeed, pray mightily that the world will find peace before I die. I will pray for you too, my friend, that you will be safe as will your family and friends this day and every day.

  6. My French Heaven says:

    Another big pissing contest between the “big” boys. I hope you and yours are safe and will remain so! Keep the faith!

  7. Maz Iqbal says:

    Hello Ido,

    I have participated in the courses offered by Landmark Education and come face to face with fellow human beings without story. Looking into their eyes with our face almost touching I have experienced the profound unity and love (with/between my fellow human beings) that the religions have talked about. And I have also experienced the profound beauty and sadness that lies within my fellow human beings.

    What left the strongest impact on me was this: sometimes I simply could not bear to look into the eyes of the person opposite me. So much sadness, so much suffering, so much loneliness.

    So I stand with you and say “may all life be released of suffering” and I say may “each human being unclothe from the story” and let love of life simply flow.

    I thank you for putting this into the world and thus inviting me to participate in this conversation.

    With my love

  8. prewitt1970 says:

    Be safe my friend. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  9. SprinklinThoughts says:

    Clean… cutting… if their were more scalpels like this one, all wars would be cut out and the human body would heal… yet cutting is not the way is it? No, and that’s where the other side of the cutting edge comes in…
    I guess I’m trying to say this was really good and why I think so.

  10. Here’s hoping. Keep safe… the world needs these words.

  11. edgeledge says:

    This illustrates well the futility of war and fighting. I hope for your sake and all in your area are safe until this ends.

  12. Carrie says:

    I totally dig this.

  13. Dana Fuhrman says:

    Ido, my thoughts are with you.

  14. teigom says:

    My prayers are with you and everyone who longs for peace in the region x

  15. moranisma says:

    Your insight and desire to enlighten has made me think of something I am currently reading…
    “Every human being who accomplishes the task of being her or his personal vision will become a role model for others, whether he or she is aware of it or not.” (from “The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers” by Jamie Sams). I know that your personal vision on this matter will make an impact. Please stay safe.

  16. Reblogged this on bearspawprint and commented:
    “May all beings be released from suffering”
    May it be so. Except, many of us want a life, first. Even if we must suffer. Then, after our life, we can stop incarnating, when All Beings are equally ready for that release. We must always be carful what we wish for, as the wish just might grant itself! For all beings to be released from suffering might, perhaps, require that we all must be dead. A few of us, here and there, just aren’t quite ready yet.

  17. Justine says:

    A system of nature is neither Israeli nor Palestinian – insightful and powerful words. We send our peace thoughts!

  18. tahleajaneen says:

    Your post is so raw and true. Thank you for sharing it. Imagine a world with no boarders or countries, no separation, no prejudice. I like to think it’s possible, I hope that blogs like these can bring people together to work towards peace and away from monetary gain, which seems to be the cause of so much evil in this world.

  19. Bradlee says:

    Ido, you are a forerunner and you express yourself so clearly, so beautifully and without bias. Keep doing what you are doing! Your messages are the truth and you are making a difference! Holy shit, just look at how many followers you have! Truth is so recognizable. I send you love and may peace reign! Love, bradlee

  20. Peace and blessings to all. Thank you for your post!!!

  21. Therese says:

    Your words make it easy “to remember”. When we come into this life, we forget who we really are. Your words rush all over me and soak into my being. Many spiritual people I know tell me stories. I have to figure out just what they are saying. Many times I never get it. I understand you. Thank the Creator for YOU! Keep up your words! Be safe.

  22. rachel bar says:

    As an Israeli who lives in the US, and who has more distance (at least a geographical one), I hope you’re safe. As a humanist, my heart aches for the pain and suffering that stems from our “story” that is based on our “history”. History is written and rewritten by the winners, and it is meaningless. Only one more chapter of the human race, which is a miniscule chapter of this universe.
    I wish we took our ego less seriously.
    Thanks for your words.

  23. Much meta. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. Your light shines so brightly.

  24. This is quite beautiful and profound, and I wish you peace and blessings.

  25. Michael Connolly says:

    Thank you, Ido, for shining your Light of Truth. If only everyone on our planet could Know just as we do – perhaps some day they will. Until then, we can continue to share Wisdom and intend Love, Peace and Blessings to all.

  26. Gandhi said we must “be the change” we wish to see in the world. Every one of us who can leave our “story” behind and live with peace, love and empathy in ourselves will help to counter the terrible effects of dominator culture which brings so much suffering to our world. Thanks, Ido, for your writing on this.

  27. I can only say Peace to you. You are a Light in an otherwise dark landscape. I wish you well but also know that the dark would be nothing without the Light. Stay safe and do not alter your course. You are a voice that needs to be heard.

  28. Piorajasekar says:

    Great One.. Thumps for Peace… 🙂

  29. neelkanth says:

    Yours is serenely a superb job. I do admire it.

  30. leelotchka44 says:

    Dearest ido, my brother loved this and is sending it to many friends.
    Love always

  31. Sally says:

    Your words are so obviously from your heart and very soul and I thank you for sharing your most personal feelings. Tears splash my keyboard as I respond – the conflicts and pain of “remembered stories” that continue such unnecessary violence solve nothing. My prayers are with you and your family as I continue to send blessings to those involved in the world’s conflicts. Peace of heart and courage to you, Ido!

  32. Thank you for the post. I was just reading Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective people and it’s all about overcoming the blame game..blaming someone else for the circumstances in our lives. And then it turns into a generational thing that children are raised with…what a mess. Until people can really grow up as individuals and stopped being “lived” by the mythical paradigms of we vs. they, this will go on. Thankfully I see hope in people like you!!!

  33. Ido, You’ve touched the hearts of more than 200 people with this post. If each of us were to truly change and then help and encourage that many more to change, then the world could be evolved out of war in a week. It wouldn’t have to take a very long time. If man is to survive, we must veer from the present course and onto a course like you’ve described.

  34. A definitive description on the birthing of prejudice. From prejudice, to conflict, from conflict, to insurrection. Stop the Madness!

  35. May God be with you and your people. Stay safe, brother…

  36. Well said! I believe there is something intrinsically wrong with a belief that you will kill or die for. Time for humans to grow up and question what we have been told.

  37. Priyash Jain says:

    You have a really nice brain to think it that way…nice idea…

  38. fredphillips says:

    This is clearly a time for each of us to focus on love…to send our loving energy out to the universe. Let our love be the light in this time of darkness!

  39. We start clean and dirty ourselves with the unworthy stories of the past. You are so right. I love the animation. The books the two warriors are invested in are so precariously stacked on their bodies, showing the fraud that these stories are. Focusing on who we are now and what we can be instead of what we were and how things should have been is the key to harmony. Great post, I love how you can make a point in so many different modes of expression.

  40. paolaag3 says:

    Now that you ‘ve become a rock of energy in this life, troubled waters and loose sand may crash against you but I am sure that life wisdom will find a way to bring all to peace. We all are connected and I send you my best thoughts for you to be in a harmony and safe. I hope that love can be a shield for you.

    All the best,

  41. Harold Green says:

    Extremely well thought out and written with pain. Very sad. “A theatre of the absurd matched by none” is so true. Small humans come forth from the womb totally innocent of life. How can so much hate be injected into their lives. Please take care of yourself.

  42. houseofnom says:

    I haven’t been following your blog for long, but I wish peace & safety for you and all around you. Xx

  43. smallpebbles says:

    you write as it IS…….when the sense of separation becomes so unbalanced and humans lose sight of their esssential nature such acts of unkindness seem to manifest….. good for your peaceful voice to speak through the insanity – may there be a peaceful resolution, all the best, shanti…..kai

  44. Rhino House says:

    Sigh. Now I’m going to be thinking about this for a week.

  45. sp56h says:

    This is such a good post and I feel for you and everyone where you live. It seems that humankind cannot learn or doesn’t want to. Stories we have been told certainly do affect people and fuel prejudices whether they are from the media or handed down through the family. We must think for ourselves and learn to respect others. Stay safe.

  46. kathrynword says:

    Ido, I love this and how this tale transpires culture and geography. So much has been put into dividing us as human beings and truly, I see you in me and me in you. I pray for peace and understanding. Be safe!

  47. Kathy Sporre says:

    Ido, I will pray for your safety and that of your family and country. My heart aches to think of all you must be enduring now. I stand with you. Peace.

  48. Dagny Gromer says:

    Unfortunately, war and violence seem embedded in our human nature.
    Best wishes to you and yours at this difficult time.

  49. Weigh It Out says:

    Awesome story! Just awesome! 🙂

  50. May all beings find peace. Keep on going.

  51. imayahya1 says:

    Where is the button to like all your posts, Ido?

  52. “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.” Krishnamurti – Freedom from the Known

  53. Radiating Love the the Israel-Palestine region!

  54. I so completely agree. I visited Israel in the summer of 2001, and saw all of that resentment and hatred, and for what? This story, that people buy into so blindly. People who are so deeply religious and believe in the same god, and have so much history together. It is very sad. Let’s hope the tides are turning.

  55. Cyranette says:

    For thousands of years various factions have been hating and fighting each other. They do not seem to WANT to stop, to end the violence, to keep their women and children safe. It’s all about the hate and division, not about getting along and compromising. Their intolerance blinds them, just like their bombs and guns destroy them. When will they be satisfied? After thousands more years? Let’s hope and pray not, my friend. Perhaps the Internet’s most important contribution is to make known all that is happening everywhere, to make the world aware with in-your-face news and horrors. Perhaps a few years of this insight will end all strife and intolerance? Blessings for you, your family, and your country.

  56. erumaqua says:

    Absolutely agreed Mr. Lanuel, we are here as humans and our fist and foremost responsibility is to love the other creatures and not to hate them or kill them by discriminating on the basis of boundaries of different kinds. live and let live….. great post , thanks for sharing.

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  58. Shouldland says:

    Thanks Ido,
    Agree that our brains are ‘hardwired’ to follow this ‘story’ that we have been told all of our lives. It tells us our identity, without which we are lost. It plays out in our day-to-day lives, not just in our preparedness to die in battle for a cause we don’t really understand. This ‘story’ dictates where we work, who we have a relationship with, everything.
    And you are right, it isn’t real.
    We need to ‘softwire’ our mind to allow the brain pathways to become fluid enough to look outside of our ‘story’, to seek our truth.

  59. kirsten says:

    I shared this on my facebook wall and this comment was made “I would be happy to commit my life solely to passing on this piece of wisdom” – thanks to you for your powerful and heartfelt words. Blessings to you x

  60. Bilal says:

    Beautiful, in short I believe the conclusion of the story is “Love for all, hatred for none” am I rite?

  61. Keep peace in your heart Ido. All is one.

  62. As someone above said: “Live and let live”- all with their own stories, at peace and, above all, with the utmost respect for one another. Great post.

  63. Mahogany says:

    Hi, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award and Beautiful Blogger Award…because I think you deserve a little something for making your blog always look fab! To share this little bit of blogging kindness: 1. Display the award image on your blog. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State 7 things about yourself. 4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to their sites. 5. Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post. Thank you for all your great posts and congratulations!

  64. simphonyblue says:

    I was a baby when on TV, was exactly this War happening…I remember my father trying to explain who,what..and why..but I was too small to understand..and back was in the stone age compared to today…not to mention internet,fast communication,mobile phones.. etc..
    well..I am really not that young anymore..and this war to me- seems a never ending story…
    So..I know this war for 30 years at least..and it’s been going on for at least other 30 years before me…nothing changed..nobody did anything..
    oh wait!!! the “toys” of death changed..yeah.. and people are soo used to see blood and pain all over..that they simply don’t react anymore..that might be the most awful and painful thing.. not to feel anything at such….I have no words for it -maybe massacre is the best..
    you could say we lost our a few words..

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  66. doriantgray says:

    I hope it comes to pass that all countries and nations, men and women, can remember we are all the same. That labels don’t define us, that we are not what others, or even ourselves, categorize us as. We are people, no more, no less.

  67. Thanks for your meaningful thoughts, and for visiting my blog! May peace spread and be shared. All the best.

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